Getting Ready For Tax Season: Tips For Doing Your Taxes with Ease #infographic

Do you dread the tax season? If you tend to put things off to the last minute you already know how stressful the experience can be. This is why it is a good idea to start early by gathering all of the paperwork you will need to file your tax return. Employers typically send you your W-2 form through the mail by the end of January. You will likely get your 1099s from investment firms around this time. Review them and keep your forms in a file for easy access. You also want to collect copies of bank or brokerage statements to show tax losses or gains over the last year. Set aside proofs of your IRA contributions, as well as work-related receipts and receipts from charitable contributions. This will help your tax preparer have all of the necessary information to accurately file your return. You can learn more and see the 10 basic steps to tax preparation by reading through the included infographic.

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Created by the team at Levy Tax Help.

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