5 Of The Best Valentine’s Gifts For Him

It’s cliche! It’s cheesy! It’s so commercial! These are just some of the crazy arguments you hear from people who’d rather do away with Valentine’s Day altogether. Not so, we think! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be corporate love-fest but if you are in love, why not take every opportunity that comes your way to enjoy it? Here are five of the best Valentine’s Day presents for him. Which suit him best?

1. For the romantic: Storyboard

A personalised handmade storyboard in contemporary typography detailing places you’ve been together or times you’ve shared. You can even include secret allusions to naughty times you’ve indulged in together. You can find them on Etsy or NotOnTheHighStreet. This gift will nauseate as many men as it melts the hearts of so be careful who you give to.

2. For the tech lover: Ralph Lauren E-Touch Gloves

Is your partner never away from social media or forums or is he forever texting? E-touch gloves keep his hands warm and connected to his mobile or tablet at the same time. You can get some beautiful pairs that are both classy and practical. They double up as driving gloves too.

3. For the dandy: Moonshine or homebrew kit

Knowing how to make a classy cocktails like sazeracs or enjoying a fine single malt whisky is one thing and, while few with this taste would scoff at a bottle of their favourite tipple, the most sophisticated chaps would like to go a little further. You can learn to brew real ales or even make moonshine and all with dignity over debauchery. A great gift if your boyfriend likes a project.

4. For the gentleman: Breitling Watch

A luxury watch is a classic gift for any man and for businessmen it signals that they should be taken seriously. While jewellery has long been the female domain when it comes to gifts, watches or cuff links are great for the men. Breitling watches have a great story attached and your guy is sure to love it.

5. For the sports fan: Tickets to the game

One study reported that one fifth of men asked would prefer tickets to a big match as their Valentines gift. It might not sound very romantic but in fact what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by giving him something you know he loves: it’s like saying ‘I love you just the way you are’, even if the rest of the of the year you’re begging for a break from the premiership on Saturdays.


Buying your partner a Valentine’s Day gift is a deeply personal thing. The trick to having fun on the day is not just about exchanging gifts. It’s about spending some special, quality time together. Pick something you both enjoy doing that’ll get you laughing and remembering why you’re together. If all else fails, remember that 90% of guys will be happy just to have sex come Valentine’s, so be sure to add that to your arsenal and enjoy yourself!

Hayley is plotting to get her husband a typography board of all his favourite cocktail recipes…

Hope we’ve helped you find the best Valentine’s Gifts For Him

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