5 Must Have Fashion Items For Valentine’s Day 2014

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us and it is time to start thinking about what to do. Going out for a romantic meal with your loved one is always a good idea. If you are single then finding love on a Valentine’s Day is not impossible either. To ensure that you look great no matter what your plans for the day are here are five must have fashion items to get. These are the trendiest options to go with this Valentine’s Day.

1. The Perfect Scent

Choosing the right scent for your dinner date is the easiest way to add some romance in the air and really amaze your partner. There are plenty of lovely romantic fragrances to choose from so select yours carefully.

As it is Valentine’s Day then you want to go with something really romantic. Either go with fresh floral scent that adds lovely femininity to your style or go with a deeper mysterious scent that creates a lovely romantic mystery for your style.


2. Chandelier Earrings

Jewellery also plays a role in creating a beautiful Valentine’s Day look. There are plenty of good jewellery trends for 2014 that you could go with but the chandelier earrings are a definite must for this romantic day.

There are plenty of nice ideas for the perfect chandelier earrings in this MSN Glo article. Make sure to match the colour of your earrings with your other accessories and to ensure that it also matches well with your dress.

3. A Pastel Handbag

You’ll also need a good handbag to carry all your fashion essentials for your date. In 2014 the biggest current handbag trend is definitely pastel coloured handbags. Very rosy pink or natural beige is a really good option to go with.

If you want to include more colours for your look with the dress then go for a simple white purse. This goes well with other brighter shades and can be a good colour block for your bright dress.

4. The Perfect Dress

Naturally the dress you are wearing is the most important part of your Valentine’s Day look. Spend enough time looking around and always choose something that really makes you feel good and confident.

It is a good idea to go for some simple basic dresses this year. A plain cocktail dress or a long silky abaya are really good options to keep in mind. The colour of your dress should definitely either be a rosy pink or a deep jade green. You can find these modern abayas at Aab Collection, for instance.

5. Sparkly High Heels

You also need to add some bling to your look with your shoe selection. This Valentine’s Day you should definitely go with some proper sparkly high heels. Ensure that your shoes have some nice metallic shine in them and go for romantic red or luxurious gold as the colour choices. Naturally, you want to ensure that your shoes match the colour of your dress and accessories.

The above five items are something you must get for this Valentine’s Day. They’ll guarantee you with a nice trendy look for a romantic day.

Selena Patel loves dressing up and following fashion trends. She is really big fan of jewellery and shoes and could buy a new pair every day. She also loves to draw and paint and is currently trying to learn how to draw animals.


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