5 Ways To Add More Romance For Your Valentine’s Day Dinner

If you are having a romantic dinner at home with your loved one on this Valentine’s Day you need to make the occasion as romantic as possible. Valentine’s Day is all about romance and it is important to set the mood just right for you two to really enjoy each other’s company.

Here are five very simple ways that you can try to add some more romance for your dinner moment.


1. Good Conversation

If you aren’t able to hold a good conversation with your partner you are surely going to kill off any romantic mood from the room.

The best way to charm your partner all over again is to engage them into a nice conversation.

Make sure that you listen as well as talk so that your partner doesn’t feel like she or he is the only one trying to keep the conversation flowing.

2. Scented Candles

Dim lighting with some candles is a definite must have for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. To ensure that the romance is at its best you can also select some scented candles that will improve the mood even further.

Cinnamon, vanilla and lavender are the best scents that you should go for with the candles. These have widely been voted as the best scents for a romantic dinner and will be something both men and women enjoy.

3. Food For The Senses

You can also make the occasion more romantic by choosing the right foods for your dinner. The key is to ensure that the foods are really enticing for the senses. So make sure to go after some big flavours with your food choices.

For instance, serve up some spicy hummus or delicious oysters. Coffee and chocolate are also really good romantic tastes you should include for your romantic dinner.

4. Proper Vintage Champagne

Champagne is one of the most romantic drinks out there. Whenever you want to add some glamour and romance to an occasion you should definitely go with a proper champagne bottle. It is the perfect dessert drink and will really help you two relax and enjoy the night.

There are plenty of good champagne vintages for celebrations and you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to enjoy this amazing drink. Look for good quality champagne online and treat your loved one with this drink.

5. Romantic Music

You can also change the ambiance a lot with the music. It is a good idea to have some romantic songs playing in the background when you are having dinner with your loved one.

This Music Songs Club post has some good romantic song suggestions to include for your playlist this Valentine’s Day. Make sure the music is something mellow and just helps to set the mood right.

The above five ways will help you add some more romance for your Valentine’s Day dinner. It is important to set the mood right and make sure there is something for all the different senses in your presentation. Naturally all you need besides the above five is some amazing company.

Jackie McCarthy loves organising romantic dinner dates at home with her husband. She is really into cooking and is always trying out new recipes that she thinks her husband will appreciate. She also loves to drink proper white wines.


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