4 Quirky Ways To Add Romance To Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching us and it is time to start looking for ways to surprise our partners. If you have a loved one that you really want to impress with some romantic gestures then here are some amazing ideas for you to try out. These quirky four ways can really help you surprise your loved one and showcase some real romantic talent.

1. Organize A Serenade At Work

You could really surprise your loved one by brightening up his or her workday a little bit. Music is such a good way of telling someone how you feel and you could organise a little serenade to tell your sweetheart how much you love him or her.

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Contact some local choirs or search for professional musicians online. You can go for some extravagant style like an opera singer or a mariachi band. This will also make other people at the work place smile.

2. Make A Romantic Movie

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Valentine’s Day is famous for romantic movies that hit the theatres on this big day. But you don’t need to let Hollywood show you what love is and can make your own mini-movie for your loved one. Your movie doesn’t need to be very long either.

You can either use some of the free animation software out there to make it or just film some clips with your friends and then put it all together.

3. Organize A Fireworks Display

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Nothing is more romantic than kissing under the night sky while fireworks are going off around you. Organising a little fireworks display for your sweetheart is a really quirky and different way of saying “I love you”. You can ask your friends to help you out a bit on setting off the fireworks if you want to be holding hands with your loved one while the fireworks are going off.

Getting fireworks is rather easy and you don’t need to spend a fortune purchasing them. For example, you can head down to buy fireworks online at FireworksCrazy.co.uk. Online retailers have some amazing fireworks available and there’s currently great savings to be made since it’s right after the New Year’s.

4. Get Glow Painting Together

And as the February nights are still rather dark you can do another nice activity in the dark by using glow paint. You can either prepare something in advance, for instance write a romantic poem on a giant piece of paper for the person to see, or you can glow paint together. This is something really fun to do and will let you two showcase the playful side of your relationship.

You can find very simple instructions for making your own glow paint at home from this Global Post article. Glow painting is a really fun activity that shouldn’t be just preserved for the children.

The above four ideas are really fun and sweet way of adding some unexpected romance for your Valentine’s Day. They are all easy to set up and will definitely bring a smile to your loved one’s face.


Michael Anthony is a bit of a romantic fool who loves figuring new ways to surprise his partner. He loves reading more about the different ways of maintaining the spark in a relationship. He is also really into cycling and loves doing long trips around the countryside.


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