About Last Night review by Da Vinci and Interview with Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Will Packer

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Whooo hook the day is finally here! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone :), I’m really excited to write this review for About Last Night because it was a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed watching and couldn’t share that with you until now, lol. Right now 80’s movie remakes are reigning, but I have to say there isn’t a remake that I haven’t liked yet. About Last Night stars Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, and Joy Bryant… and is produced by Will Packer who also brought us movies like “Think Like A Man” and “Ride Along“. While the original movie had a caucasian cast, I think that this remake transcends the color lines and just brings us a movie about love, dating, relationships than ANYONE can relate to.

Danny Martin, played by Micahel Ealy, is a REAL man experiencing love, heartbreak, and the ups and downs of relationships. What I love is that the movie takes us through the emotions from both the male and female perspective. In a society that love seems to no longer be promoted, I think it’s important to see a realistic portrayal of how love can truly work. Then we also have his best friend Bernie Jackson, played by Kevin Hart, that brings a lot of laughs to the table… and although we know Kevin Hart to be hilarious, I found the real person who stole the show was Regina Hall who plays Joan Derrickson, Bernie’s love interest and best friend to Debbie Sullivan, played by Joy Bryant… who is Danny’s love interest.

All in all I would say About Last Night would make for a perfect date night, girls night out, or even something just for a group of friends. It’s got the right balance of romance, comedy, and emotion that makes it a movie that men and women can enjoy… but be prepared, because it’s sure to spark up some interesting conversation too ;).

Your Life After 25 gives About Last Night 8/10


Check out what Regina Hall, Michael Ealy, and Will Packer had to say about the movie

Part 1

Part 2


Check out this About Last Night Trailer


Be sure to check out About Last Night and let us know what you think!

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