Trading Faces: How Beauty Can Differ By Region

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One of my favorite things about fashion and beauty is watching the changes between trends, seasons and how each individual chooses to express themselves.   I'm a firm believer that style should be eclectic and self reflective… with that said I tend to mix, match and follow the best bargains, lol.  It can take time to develop your own personal style, but once you have a foundation it's easy to build upon.  So… where do you start?


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One of the biggest factors in looking great in what you wear, your hair, makeup, etc is CONFIDENCE!  Sounds cheesy, but it's true.  Think about it, some days you try on an outfit or a hairstyle and you have a glow about yourself but another day you can try that same look/style but it won't look as good because you may not feel as confident that day or may not be in the best of moods… your confidence and a great smile are your best accessories.

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When you're thinking about style, consider the regional differences and how one thing may work well where you live, but not as well in another.  I remember I was attending a White party in Atlanta during the winter and finding the best White clothes during that time was so hard because it wasn't what was in season… however, if I were to go to Tampa or Miami at that same time of year I would have found a plethora of awesome finds.  

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Regional style and beauty is something we don't always hear about, trends can come and go but each city has it's own flavor that's why I thought it was super cool that ULTA made a mini film called "Trading Faces" which shows the journey of two women; one from Dollywood who embodies the epitome of Southern charm and another from Hollywood who is all about the glam we picture when we think of L.A.


Check Out Trading Faces: Hollywood meets Dollywood


What are your favorite regional fashion or beauty tips?

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