Men: They Can’t Have Their Cake And Eat It Too #infographic

Men are always getting a bad rap. If they’re working, they aren’t working hard enough or they don’t make enough money. They aren’t being real go getters. They’re supposed to share their jobs with women and not question the fact that women are taking on any job in America, including the armed forces. If they do, they’re being sexist. On the flip side, if men choose to stay home and be full time parents, they’re ridiculed and people doubt that they can truly do the job as well as a woman. They simply can’t win.

In today’s world, women want equality. They want options. They can stay home or they can work, it’s completely their decision. However, men are expected to shoulder the most of the load which leads to the question: what about equality for men? Primarily, if men want to be stay at home fathers, more power to them.

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According to, changing family dynamics are making it work for many couples in America. As women are finding employment with better salaries and benefits, men are making the decision to stay home with the children. It’s a win-win situation as households gain financial security and have the peace of mind of knowing who is caring for the little ones. In the end, parents are deciding what matters most. Rather than worry about appearances or public opinion, they’re placing their children at the top of the list.

Making the choice to have a stay at home parent is a difficult one. It means giving up another income and facing the condescension of others. People often have a poor attitude in concerns to anyone who chooses to be a homemaker. If they haven’t done the job, they don’t realize it can be one of the most challenging roles anyone will ever take. It means long hours of handling many tasks at once with no pay. The incentive? Being able to rest assured that the kids are in the best of hands, and being able to avoid the costs as well as risks of childcare. For all of those fathers who are putting their own interests aside to place their children first, hat’s off. It’s a misconception to think that only mothers can be nurturers. Fathers are stepping up to the plate.


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