How Confidence Can Help You Have A Happy Relationship

A romantic relationships should have strong foundations of equality and trust in order for it to be a long term happy partnership. Establishing a relationship with those foundations requires both people to have a strong level of confidence that allows for trust and equality to develop, so those who struggle with self-esteem issues can often find themselves in unhappy relationships.

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Having a happy and healthy relationship with a loved one is an important part of most people’s lives, therefore those who struggle with feeling confident on a daily basis, especially in regards to their romantic relationship, should consider making a special effort to improve their self-esteem. High self-esteem is not only exclusively relevant to relationships and will also help with fulfilment of personal interests, confidence of abilities, and professional career, so those who suffer from it should begin working to improve it. In regards to having a happy relationship, confidence can help you in a number of ways.


Makes you Aware of your Self-Worth

Although a relationship involves two people, it is essential that each individual is aware of their self-worth, personal interests and emotions in order for the relationship to be healthy and long lasting. Couples or individuals who are too dependent and clingy may find that their relationship breaks down with ease, due to their not being enough equality and independence within it.

Being aware of your self-worth is hugely beneficial, and not only allows for independence and willingness to invest in oneself, but can also help prevent individuals from entering or staying in an emotionally and physically abusive relationships. Improving your confidence will help you avoid certain kinds of damaging relationships, and help you find a partner who you are truly compatible with.


You Feel Able to Air Issues

A good relationship thrives on clear communication and both members being able to discuss issues and have healthy arguments. Without feeling comfortable to discuss problems, a relationship will often fail due to pent up emotions and issues not being resolved.

With a good level of confidence, those in a relationship will feel comfortable about mentioning problems within their relationship and within themselves, allowing for individuals and their partners to come up with practical solutions that please all and strengthen the relationship.


Reduces Anxiety during Stressful Situations

Every relationship experiences difficult patches which could be merely a brief argument, or involve an extended period of strain, such as death of a relative, birth of a child, or loss of employment and difficult experiences at work.

The anxiety felt during these periods can cause couples to be unable to support each other and cope with the situation. Those with a higher level of self-esteem are normally less anxious and therefore will be able to cope and adapt with stress inducing situations meaning that moving through them will make a relationship stronger rather than causing it to be weaker and dissolve.

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Improving your Confidence

As having good confidence is highly beneficial to aspects of an individual’s lives especially in regards to their relationships, individuals may want to spend time working on improving their confidence and gaining better self-esteem. Although there are many ways to do so, improving self-confidence can often be a long and emotional journey with many setbacks. Those looking for more instant results may want to consider hypnotherapy, like the sessions offered here, where they will quickly see improvements to their confidence and therefore their relationships.

By Beth Stubbings

Beth Stubbings thinks that condidence is hugely important to all aspects of an individuals life, including those in relationships. She would recommend Fix My Mind to those who are considering hypnotherapy to improve their confidence.

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