Floyd Mayweather’s Earnings, Stats, and Other Information

If you were to think of rich athletes, then the one who tops the list is Floyd Mayweather. He definitely makes more money than any other boxer, and it’s no surprise considering his fighting record. He recently made close to $100 million on his latest fight, and he’s sure to make even more with future events. Here are a few things to consider about his current financial situation.

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Pay-Per-View Earnings

The secret up Mayweather’s sleeve is PPV earnings. Every boxer makes money if the event is PPV, but the percentage they make depends on negotiations, popularity, fighting record and many other factors. Mayweather is currently the champion when it comes to this. For example, his latest win earned him $40 million, but he’s expected to make an additional $60 million from the PPV residual income.


Fighting Record

Though they’ll never be able to fight each other because Mayweather was only four when Muhammad Ali retired, many compare the two because they have very similar fighting records. Their win records are incredibly high, but Mayweather is better with 100 percent wins versus Ali’s 92 percent wins.

They also both competed in the Olympics. Mayweather earned a bronze metal while Ali received a gold one. Another similarity is their number of knockouts. Mayweather has won 26 figths by knockout, while Ali has won 37 fights by knockout.



While Mayweather makes a lot of money, you have to remember the amount of training that he does to win every match. He will train for months before a match. Since he is at such a professional level of boxing, he needs incredible coaches to keep him in the best shape.

He spends millions of dollars to train for each fight, but he easily recovers all of his losses due to his massive earnings. Even if Mayweather lost a fight, he would still make several million dollars.

Mayweather isn’t just a great boxer, he’s also a great businessman. Most of his money is made from residual income, which ensures that he’ll make money even if he were to lose. Not only that, but his fighting record is so great that he matches Ali in many regards.


Source: SportsManagementDegreeHub.com


Check Out This Footage Of Floyd

HBO PPV: Mayweather vs. Ortiz – Floyd Mayweather by HBO

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