Easy And Yummy Fun With Pillsbury Crescent Rolls: Get The Recipes

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I’m always looking for fun and easy snacks to make for myself or all the children in my life. When you’re a busy person on the go or working mother ANYTHING that can make life simpler and that tastes yummy is a win/win. That’s why we wanted to share these easy to make and fun recipes made with Pillsbury® Crescent Rounds and Pillsbury® Crescent Seamless Dough Sheets.


Pillsbury: Hot Ham Pockets with Apple & Onion Jam

In the video below, Brigitte Nguyen improves an old time classic… ham & cheese, by adding a quick homemade jam and tucking it all into Pillsbury® Crescent Seamless Dough Sheets for a buttery & flaky pocket sandwich. This would make for an easy snack for the kids or even something to keep you going through the day.



Pillsbury: Chinese Takeout Turnovers

In this next video, Brigitte Nguyen uses a classic technique to roll and fill Pillsbury® Crescent Rounds for a dumpling filled with the balanced flavors and textures of your favorite takeout dish.


Both are fun and drool worthy snacks! Bon Appètit!

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