5 Best Tips For Serving Port: Great Guide For Wine Lovers

A lot of people are unfortunately unaware of this great drink called port. It is often considered only something that older people drink and this is a real shame. Port wine has some amazing variety in its taste and there are so many different things you can do with port wine.

Port Wine
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image by Liz West

Here are five tips for helping you serve it in a varied way and get the most out of the drink.

1. Many Varieties

As mentioned above there are many great port varieties, making it a really nice drink to serve in many different occasions. The main varieties of port include vintage port, which is typically produced only from the year’s best grapes.

Then there are the tawny ports, which are usually a blend of a few different wines. You can also get white and ruby port as well.

2. Remember Decanting

Some of the ports also require decanting before serving to guarantee a better taste experience. This is an important step and you shouldn’t forget it. Decanting will remove any sediment from the port and it can also help the port to breathe air for better taste.

Not all ports require decanting. For instance, the wood-aged ports have already been filtered and thus you don’t need to decant them. You can read more decanting tips at the Fareham Wine Cellar blog, for example.

3. Port And Cheese

One of the best moments for drinking port is together with cheese. It can go so well with a proper cheese board and can really enhance the taste of stronger cheeses. The reason for them being such a match made in heaven is the fact that port is rather sweet in taste and thus suits saltier foods very well.

You can also consider drinking it together with some strong flavours such as olives and dried apricots, for example. It is a really good drink with snacks.

Port Wine Cheese
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image by Ben Dalton

4. Use It In Cooking

Just like wine you can also use port wine as part of cooking. It gives a really lovely taste to many desserts. For instance, cranberry and chocolate desserts can be really good when port is added into the mix. Chocolate and wine don’t often mix very well but port’s softer tones compliment chocolate very well.

There are tons of great dessert recipes that use port. Look through different online recipes and see what are your favourites. It is a good way of using the rest of an opened port bottle, for instance.

5. Great Refreshing Cocktails

It is also a good idea to use port in cocktails. A lot of people think that port is only good drink choice for the cold winter months but white port especially is really good for summer cocktails. Just add some ice, tonic and mint leaves to white port and you have a great refreshing cocktail.

The above five tips are some of the best tips for serving port correctly. They provide you with plenty of ideas for using port and will guarantee you get to enjoy this drink in many different ways.

Delia McCoy loves food and wine. She loves browsing new food recipes while enjoying the vintage port she got for Christmas. She’s really in love with Spanish cuisine and would love to do a culinary trip around Spain one day.

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