It’s Grumpy Cat’s Birthday And We’re Celebrating With Friskies!

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Gather all your furry friends it's time to CELEBRATE good times for the grumpiest cat we can’t help but love, lol.  Who doesn't love Grumpy Cat, right?

Our cats Sonny and Capone are about to celebrate their own furry celebrations, so I wanted to give them special snacks that are sure to make them purr.  To prepare for their party I'm picking up Friskies® Party Mix treats from Walmart.  Cats are family and even though these rascals know how to work my nerves, they're super sweet and should know they're special.

Sonny and Capone Enjoying Their Friskies® Party Mix

Grumpy Cat Friskies
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And who know's maybe we'll get to celebrate more if we win Grumpy Cat’s Birthday Party Sweepstakes!  What's the Sweepstakes for?  Glad you asked 😉


You and your feline friend can Enter the Grumpy Cat's birthday Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to New York for the Grumpy Cat party! How awesome!, right?  Enter as soon as you can and don't forget to  pick up your Friskies® Party Mix from Walmart!


In the mean time check out this hilarious video of Grumpy Cat doing what we all love… being her Grumpy self, lol.



Good luck with the sweepstakes

and please feel fee to share pics of your cat or any funny stories you may have!

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