5 Popular Exercise Programs That Will Help With Your Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is rising to epidemic proportions. Experts estimate potentially 80% of the population will be afflicted at some point costing billions in both healthcare costs and lost wages to the individual. But hope is not lost! Recent research shows exercise may hold the key to reducing pain and regaining strength. Below are some samples, but always check with your healthcare professional first.


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Pricilla’s Lower Back Repair Kit DVD

For over 40 years Pricilla Patrick has been practicing yoga and since 1980 her show has been broadcast on PBS. Her Lower Back Repair Kit DVD contains 2 lessons. Lesson 1 encompasses stretches to lengthen and release tight muscles and lesson 2 builds strength for support. Pricilla’s instructions are clear and her tips and modifications are easy to follow.


Hanna Somatics

This is a style of exercise developed by Thomas Hanna, PhD. It’s basis lies in the theory of sensory motor amnesia (SMA) whereby muscles become chronically tight in response to surgeries, trauma and/or repetitive use “forgetting” how to release. Somatics uses gentle movements to re-educate the body, the nervous system and the individual. It is offered in group classes, private sessions and also via audio, books and DVDs.


Yin Yoga

Perhaps you’ve tried yoga in the past in hopes of relieving some of your back pain, but to no avail. If you’ve tried yoga without any relief, you might consider trying Yin Yoga, since this is more focused on the tissues in your body, which have a lot to do with back pain. This style of yoga targets the body’s deep connective tissue. As we age, connective tissue in joints becomes stiffer and less elastic constricting fluid movement. In Yin Yoga, poses are held much longer than in the more familiar, Hatha or a flowing Power Yoga.


Exercise Balls

Exercise balls offer many advantages to heal and strengthen a compromised back. Countless health clubs and local programs offer classes utilizing these balls. Check however, to make sure the class is suitable for your limitations or find one of the many DVDs specific to back problems available. These exercises increase balance, strength and flexibility all leading to more freedom of movement.


Foam Rollers

Rollers offer many of the same benefits as a deep-tissue massage; lengthening and elongating muscles as well as releasing knots. Additionally, a healthy back starts with a healthy core and Michaela Sirbu’s “The Foam Roller Core Power” DVD offers 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) to whip that core into shape and protect the low back.


Proper exercise and stretching is a key to back health maintenance, so if you can find an exercise program that works for you, you’re well on your way to a stronger, healthier, happier back. If your back pain is severe, you might have to ease into the exercise program, however all of these programs are designed to relieve your back pain over time. As you stick to the exercise regimen, your back will get stronger, and you’ll start to feel relief. Information for this article was provided by the professionals of www.bodyline.com who specialize in comfort systems that help relief back and neck pain.


Check Out This Video of a Great Yin Yoga workout!

Good Time Yin Yoga Flow by BodyRockTv

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