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Summer is ALMOST here and we're all in a frenzy about how we can look our best and feel fit while relaxing at the pool or on the beach.  For me I made a decision late last year to live a healthier lifestyle over all; Mind, Body and Spirit.  When making a lifestyle change I realized that I would have to slowly transition so that I would be more inclined to keep the changes long term.  Also early this year I got great news, it was my time to write my first cook book… so I knew I wanted to look fabulous for my book cover, this meant further incentive to get fit and sexified! lol

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When I found out about Kaeng Raeng, I was excited to try it out for many reasons; it's not a fasting program, it's made with real fruits, the program was manageable and made with busy people like me in mind, and although it's a cleanse it doesn't include any preservatives, laxatives, etc.  I received the 3 day detox program which included 3 packs to drink 3 times a day for 3 days… sounds easy too easy?  It's not, it's really that simple and if I got hungry I could eat a salad or fruit in between meals.  Over the past year I've been dealing with quite a lot of inflammation in my body, so I've made the conscious decision to eat less meat and dairy…. doing a detox cleanse like Kaeng Raeng is a great way to start!

With my busy schedule I was able to make a shake or smoothie on the go and head out the door for meetings, events, etc.  I got creative with mine adding different ingredients like apples, orange juice, almond milk, bananas but it tastes pretty good without the additions also.  They even have it available in a Soy-free version and it's great for vegans also 🙂


Wondering what my results were?

Before the detox cleanse it's recommended that you cut back on meat and dairy for about 3 days before you being, then you continue to go without meat and dairy during the cleanse and then you can ease your way back in slowly after the cleanse.

With exercise and doing my 3 day cleanse I lost about 5lbs in the process, while this is not a weight loss program, those are pretty good results.  But the best part is I feel lighter, my skin cleared up and looks fresher AND I would definitely do it again!


Ready To Try It Out?

Kaeng Raeng has 3 levels of comfort Beginner, Veteran and Master

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Can't wait to try it out?

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