Things Every Women Should Have with Them In Case of an Emergency

Although women have more freedom in today’s world than ever before, there are still times when it is important to play it safe. Going out at night, traveling alone, or meeting a blind date are typical situations where a woman should be prepared to protect herself if needed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind in case of an emergency.

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Cell phone and charger

Although this may seem like a given, some women will leave their cell phones home occasionally or forget to charge them before leaving the house or office. Make sure your phone is charged and ready to use if needed.



If your cell phone has one, check to see that it works properly and you know how to use it. If your phone doesn’t have a camera, carry a small one with you for quick photos of unusual events, people, or places. A camera comes in handy for a variety of emergencies as well. You will have evidence to help you if you can get a picture of anything from a car accident to a robbery.


Contact numbers

Be sure the cell phone is updated with current contact information for important family members and friends in case of emergency. It is also a good idea to store 9-1-1 numbers for police, fire, and EMS services.



Most of us use credit cards and debit cards instead of cash. But it is important to carry cash when out alone in case it is needed for a cab, a parking meter, or a public phone call. Even a few dollars for an after-dinner tip is a good idea in case a companion expects it.


Pepper spray

A small container of pepper spray can conveniently fit into a handbag or pocket without being noticed by others. It is a good idea for anyone who carries pepper spray to try it at home first, preferably outside in an isolated area, to ensure she knows how to use it quickly and safely. Even if you are going out with someone you know, it’s important to be prepared. According to a sexual assault attorney in Houston, a majority of victims are assaulted by someone they know.


flash light
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A small flashlight, called a pen light, can fit on a key ring or in a handbag’s side pouch for quick reach if needed. It will come in handy if the car’s interior light burns out and is parked outside at night, or when unlocking the home’s outside door if there is no attached garage. A small light also comes in handy for reading directions on a GPS or print map in the dark.


These items can help in a pinch. You may want to carry others as well. Every woman should be ready to protect herself in a potentially dangerous situation. Don’t wait until something happens to decide what to do – plan now.

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