Draft Day: Movie Review #DraftDay

Not sure if you all saw the trailer for the Draft Day movie but when I did, I knew it was one to check out. Draft Day tells a story about the general manager for the Cleveland Browns Sonny Weaver Jr., played by Kevin Costner, attempting to bring redemption to his team after they’ve suffered a 13 year losing streak. He makes it his mission to try to secure the number 1 draft pick. Check out the trailer below and then I’ll give you my thoughts.

Draft Day Trailer


Although I’m an avid sports fan and lover of most things football, I have to say the Draft Day was made with EVERYONE in mind. This movie is not just about sports; it takes us on a journey of the frenzy that goes on on Draft Day, real life moral dilemmas, and emotional triumphs. However, if you are a sports fan I would say this is a movie you can’t miss. I enjoyed seeing the various stadiums, the incorporation of old footage and the comparison of pivotal moments in football. We also get to see some of our favorites stars and players in different roles; Jennifer Garner plays Ali, Sonny Weaver’s love interest… and then we have appearances from Terry Crews, Arian Foster, Diddy, Rosanna Arquette, Chadwick Boseman and more.


Draft Day had a well rounded story line, taught a lovely message and left me feeling warm and fuzzy by the end. I would recommend it for a date night, movie night with friends or even family night with teen children.

Your Life After 25 gives Draft Day a 10/10


When I went to the Draft Day screening there was an overall event which I had a blast here are a few pics from that night!

They Had A Contest With The Radio Station… the most throws made were 9, I ended up with 4 LOL

I had a blast though!

Draft Day Atlanta Your Life After 25
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Draft Day Your Life After 25
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Madden NFL Draft Day
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What Did You Think Of Draft Day?

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