Don’t Get Duped! Here is What He Needs For His Closet and Style

Are you ready to start shopping? If you are trying to help the man in your life overhaul his closet, then follow this quick guide of five clothing tips. You will discover the perfect accessories and must-haves the man in your life needs to produce the perfect outfit every day. Whether he is headed to the office or to a weekend social activity, he can feel confident about his clothing without breaking the bank. Read on to style him right by following these five tips:

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Tie It On

Buy five ties in a variety of neutral colors. Think blues, creams, blacks and browns. There’s always room for throwing in the occasional colorful tie, but if you stick with basics, you’ll be able to mix and match very easily without spending a lot of money.


Do the Denim

Buy one good pair of jeans. If you have the budget for it, then invest in two pairs. Purchase quality jeans that fit well, keeping in mind the quality, style, wash and fit. By putting just a little extra money into jeans, you’ll have a staple item that you can wear after work and on the weekends, and have them longer. Make sure to take care of them by following the instructions for care located on the inner tag.


Dress it Up

Invest in a three or four men’s dress shirts. These versatile shirts can dress up your outfit or dress it down, depending what you pair it with. Keeping in mind “work to weekend”, you can wear a dress shirt to the office with a suit or slacks, and then roll the sleeves and pair it with chinos or jeans for a more casual look for the weekend.


Step into Style

Purchase two good pairs of shoes. Ideally, this would be a causal pair, for example tennis shoes or sandals; and a dress pair such as an Oxford dress shoe. Buy having an option for dressing up and dressing casually, you’ll always have the right shoes to match your outfit.


Strut the Shade

You need a least one cool accessory to complete your look. Suggest purchasing a pair of quality sunglasses for the finishing touch. This accessory not only protects the eyes but it looks good with just about any outfit he puts on. Aviator glasses are a big deal this season, and you can’t go wrong with the classic, vintage look for any guy.


With just a little research and creativity, you can help the man in your life turn his closet into a resourceful, organized space. If you can’t find what he needs in store, there are plenty of websites where you can find unique and cost effective items; Franklin and Marshall is a great brand for your man, he can keep within his budget while outfitting his closet with fashion forward items. So don’t get duped anymore! Follow this clothing guide to maximize your man’s budget and closet space!

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