The Other Woman: Movie Review

The Other Woman
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Omg from the moment I saw the movie trailer for “The Other Woman” I knew it was one I HAD to see! I was a little worried that the trailer may have had all the good parts but I was pleasantly surprised. The Other Woman takes us on the journey of Kate King, Leslie Mann, who has just found out her husband Mark, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, is cheating with Carly, played by Cameron Diaz… we all get a surprise when Amber pops up on the roster too, played by Kate Upton. Mark is the type of man that makes you re-evaluate everything you may have thought about cheating men… hopefully he doesn’t ruffle up a lot of relationships, lol.

The Other Woman is like a modern day “First Wives Club” with a lot more sass… it was truly a funny movie. I went with a guy friend, actually I convinced him to come and by the end of the movie his words were “okay, you were right this was a great movie choice”. We also get to see Nicki Minaj make her acting debut as Lydia Carly’s assistant. While I can appreciate her expanding her resume, I do wish Nicki would have just spoken in a normal voice a bit more… I think with a few more acting lessons she’ll be on her way though. I look forward to seeing what’s next on the acting front for her.

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The Other Woman had me laughing from beginning to end, there are many parts where you empathize with each woman and there’s a lot of eye candy for both men and women! Overall I would say this is a great girl’s night out movie, date movie, or just something to see with some pals.

Your Life After 25 gives The Other Woman 9/10

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