Kanye And Kim: The Celebrity Wedding Event Of 2014

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, or ‘Kimye’ as the press have dubbed them, are preparing to get married in what will surely be one of the biggst celebrity weddings of all time, and ever since Kanye proposed with a stunning $1.6 million engagement ring the celebrity rumour mill has been rife with speculation about exactly what the multi-millionaire power couple are planning for their big day.

Kanye West Surprises Kim Kardashian With Marriage Proposal on Her Birthday by Fuse

Considering that Kanye hired out an entire baseball stadium for the proposal it’s safe to say that this certainly won’t be a quiet, private affair. But that doesn’t mean that the lady won’t be just as big a part of the planning too; after all, who has more expensive taste than Kim Kardashian? Kim’s wedding to ex-husband Kris Humphries cost around $10 million dollars, so Kanye certainly has his work cut out for him if he intends to trump Kim’s last union.

Kim and Kanye Vogue Cover
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A showbiz event

The Kanye and Kim wedding is set to be the most taked about showbiz event of the year, and already there are rumours of celebrity guests being banded around. They range as far afield as Kate Middleton to Victoria Beckham. Reports also suggest that each guest will have up to £75,000 spent on them during the course of the festivities. If nothing else, this will surely be an effective way to root out any gate crashers.


The bridesmaids

Choosing the bridesmaid may sound like a pretty obvious decision for Kim, whose famous siblings – Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie all acted as bridesmaids at her last wedding, but Kim is looking to one of the most famous names in the world for take on this responsibility, and what better choice can there be than Beyonce; one of the most iconic singers in the world and wfe of Kanye’s firemd Jay Z?. However, the Crazy in Love singer has reportedly tuned down the offer; a decision that has allegedly caused some friction between Kanye and Jay Z, who himself was assumed by many to be a likely candidate for kanye’s best man.


Where’s the location?

Although the date has not yet been made 100% official, Saturday 24 May is being touted as the day of the big event with the setting being in Paris, the city of love. However, this date collides rather awkwardly with the Cannes Film Festival which Kanye is convinced his guests will skip in order to attend his extravagant wedding. Hmm…we think that might be a little presumptuous of Kanye; especially as many of his celebrity guests are sure to be actors and other movie industry personelle.


Kim’s dress

Kim’s dress has attracted even more attention that the location, and in true Kardashian glamour style, the reality show star and future Mrs West is rumoured to b plannign to wear no less than THREE bridal gowns on the day! No designer has yet been confirmed for the dress but during the couple’s recent cover shoot for Vogue Kim met with Sarah Burton, the British designer behind Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, and as Kim has never made any secret of her admiration for the Duchess of Cambridge’s style it seems Kim is planning to wear a bespoke wedding dress fot for a royal bride.

Does all this grandeur sound excessive? Well wait, there’s even more, as Kim will allegedly be having a spray tan comprised of diamonds and 14 carat gold on the day so that het skin will have a glow that will, quite literally, make her ‘sparkle’.

Kim has certainly been trying her hardest to look perfect for the big day. Since the birth of her daughter North last September she has already lost 50lb and has recently undergone a strict fitness regime while practicing a diet of no carbohydrates which consists of no pasta or bread. Other wild rumours of Kim’s weight loss bid include her wearing a corset to bed in a bid to slim her waist.

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Is all of this just too much glamour for their wedding? What celebrities would you like to see at the ceremony?

Comment and let us know!

Sarah Cohen is a writer specialsiisng in luxury weddings. She recommends Bijou Weddings for booking luxury country house wedding venues.

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