5 Reasons Why Separation Is Better Than Divorce

When it comes down to a failing relationship, there is never an easy solution. However, the process can be made easier; there are times when it is better to sign a legal separation agreement rather than divorce. Doing so allows a couple to keep the benefits of marriage while living apart from one another, including:

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1.Medical Plans and Benefits

Certain insurance policies favor married couples, and premiums might increase exponentially for a single person. A legal separation agreement allows both parties to benefit from the marriage status for insurance plans, unlike divorce, which would terminate coverage in almost all cases. Marriage allows one plan to cover both parties, instead of juggling two separate plans.


2.Tax Breaks For Married Couples

A higher tax credit is given to those who file as Married instead of as Single. Though the marriage may fail, it can still be beneficial for the couple to remain legally married for tax purposes, resulting in money-saving benefits they may not have otherwise. For instance, the standard deduction for a single person in 2013 was $6,100, while it was $12,200 for a married couple. This works best for couples who still get along, as they have to collaborate with one another at least once a year.


3.Social Security Benefits

If a marriage lasts at least ten years and the individual has not remarried, a divorced spouse is able to claim social security benefits at age 62 rather than 65. However, this does result in lower amounts received each year, so it may be beneficial to delay benefits until the standard age.


4.Religious Objection

Certain couples may not longer be able to remain married, but their religion forbids divorce. In that case, living apart from one another while remaining legally married may provide them with the spiritual peace of mind they seek. However, many couples do not see this as a necessity.


5.Separation May Lead To Resolution

Sometimes couples simply need a break from one another. The period of separation can provide them with time to work out their differences and perhaps find a way to resolve the issues, rather than permanently ending their marriage; on the other hand, it can also provide clarity on certain issues, and make the decision to divorce more clear. The result largely depends on the couple themselves.


The divorce rates are higher than ever before, but divorce is messy and expensive. When possible, consider legal separation; not only does it save money, but it may be more beneficial for both parties.


Information Credit to Donald B. Phelps Corporation, a Vancouver Family Law Lawyer

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