Steal Beauty Tricks from TV’s Biggest Crime Show Diva’s: Just Don’t Get Caught

You are no doubt obsessing over TV’s greatest crime shows—Bones, Criminal Minds, and Scandal. Even more intriguing than the shows themselves are the stunning leading ladies of America’s favorite crime shows. These ladies are famous not just for their acting, but also for their gorgeous style and beauty tricks both on and off screen. You can easily steal a few beauty tricks from some of TV’s biggest crime show divas—read on to crack the code!


Steal Emily Deschanel’s Skin Care Tips

The Bones star has nearly flawless onscreen and in person (just like her sister Zooey Deschanel). She explains that the best trick for pure skin is to eliminate soy from your diet. She eats almonds, whole grains, pistachios, and hemp seeds, which are vital for good skin. Her nutritionist Ashley Koff, helps her maintain a healthy diet and keeps her in shape. Emily uses Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Cleansing Cream on top of her clean diet in order to keep her skin as soft and blemish-free as possible. She also loves using Jurlique Balancing Foaming Cleanser for glowing, soft skin that looks amazing on and off the screen.


Steal Aj Cook’s Makeup Tips

Criminal Minds fans everywhere can take a few notes from their favorite agent, “JJ”, known as A.J.’s Cook off set. A.J.’s best piece of advice is to get the base right. Working the makeup into the skin and blending it in will help make it more natural and not so “caked-on”. She loves to use her fingertips to apply her makeup as opposed to a brush or sponge. She is also a big fan of highlighters on the inner corners of the eyes help make them pop. Some of her favorite products are Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blushes, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment for the lips, and Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation for protecting the skin before applying makeup. If you want to exude natural beauty, feel free to steal a couple of beauty-savvy makeup tips from A.J.


Steal Kerry Washington’s Radiant Smile

Crime Show Divas Kerry Washington
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Scandal star Kerry Washington is not only beautiful, but she has that healthy glow. The focal point of her beautiful appearance is definitely that devastating smile that literally glows every time she opens her mouth. One method that many celebrities use for whiter teeth is the Idol White teeth whitening pen. According to professionals at West Chester Dental who specialize in dental implants in Cincinnati, the Idol White pens contain similar ingredients that dentists use for professional whitening treatments—they are just cheaper. If you want a luminescent smile like Kerry, consider investing in an Idol White whitening pen that allows you to pinpoint stains and yellow spots in order to get a cleaner, whiter smile.


These three hot ladies are all known for their roles in their respective tv shows, but you can’t ignore how gorgeous they are. They don’t just wake up looking perfect every morning. You may not be a celebrity, but you can still rock a glamorous look even though you aren’t headed for the red carpet. Take a few notes from these brave beauties and you too will look gorgeous as you keep up with all of these thrilling TV shows.


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