How To Make Moving In Together A Joyful Experience

Moving in with your significant other can be a stressful experience. There are a lot of changes that you will both have to make, but you can make the experience a great one by thinking ahead and planning for the changes you will encounter. A few simple strategies can help to lessen stress when moving in together.

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Transfer your Information

As you prepare to move in with your significant other, you will need to think about the subscriptions and services you have at your current home. It’s a good idea to change your address with companies such as your cell phone provider or Netflix. This will insure that you do not have any interruptions in service. It’s also a good idea to go online to change your address with the postal service so that your mail can begin being transferred.

Discuss Who Will Do What

When combining homes, chores being split is best handled right away. When a couple knows ahead of time who will be taking out the trash or doing the dishes, they can concentrate on enjoying each other. It’s also a good idea to decide if you will split the bills evenly or if you will combine your income into one account. It’s best to know exactly what roles you will each fulfill in order to keep the household running smoothly later.

Hire Someone to Do the Actual Moving

Fighting during a move is never fun. One thing that often causes tension and fights is the physical act of moving items. Having movers do the heavy lifting for you means you can spend more time being excited about your move instead of fighting. BC Alberta Movers, long distance movers in Canada, suggests that you reserve your movers at least one month in advance.

Make Decisions Together

If one of you is moving into the others already established home, it can be difficult to decide where certain items will go. The person who lived there first may start to feel like they are being displaced in their own home. By making the decision together, you can both have input and settle disagreements, helping to avoid hurt feelings.


Taking the big leap to moving in should be a time of great excitement. Taking a few steps to make the transition smooth will make the process more enjoyable. More important than anything else is that you are starting a new life together and should be making the best memories of it as possible.

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