Save and Share Memorable Moments In Life: Making @PocketSousChef

This post is brought to you by Canon Pixma, All Opinions Are 100% Mine.


Recently I was given the awesome opportunity to write my own cookbook, as soon as I signed with LifeRich Publishing I went on a search for the best camera for my culinary creations. After consulting with an expert in the store he led me to purchase a Canon DSLR, I know those things can look intimidating but from the moment I took it out the box and took the time to explore it just felt right. All of my food images in my book are being taken with that camera. In the age of capturing memories, selfies, social media, scrapbooking and more… it’s also important that you have a printer with nifty features to boot. What’s the point of taking fabulous pictures that you can’t share, right?

So if you’re looking for the perfect printer to share life’s memorable moments,check out the Canon Pixma.

I can’t wait to share more about my journey making “The Pocket Sous Chef

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