Paying for College: 6 High Paying Jobs That Will Help You Afford Your Degree

College can be expensive, but there are still good paying jobs that help you afford your college degree. At first, these jobs may seem odd. However, they’ve helped pay the tuition and college expenses for thousands of college kids. According to Forbes, the following jobs top the list whether you’re attending school or earning extra cash while on summer break. Check out how many or paying for college.

construction worker
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Work Construction

Both male and female students can work summer construction jobs that pay reasonably well for able-bodied people. . If you have a truck, you can get it fitted by a company like Western Truck Body Mfg for construction work. You may be able to find these jobs through temp agencies or by searching the Internet. Word-of-mouth is another way to land a job, especially if you have a relative or friend already employed by a company.

Write Freelance

If you’re a wordsmith, freelance writing can offer you an opportunity to put your writing skills to work. Freelance writing, which includes blogging, writing press releases and updating social media accounts can earn you a considerable amount of income in a short time. You can pick up valuable writing and research skills that can benefit your college studies. You may also be lucky enough to have your writing published in a major online magazine or blog. There’s also an opportunity for you to gain basic search engine optimization (SEO) skills that may prove valuable at some juncture in your career.

Serve Tables

Serving tables can be a challenge for some. However, it you’ve got an outgoing personality and you can think fast on your feet, the job can pay extremely well through tips you can earn. The downside is that you may have to fend off unwanted advances from patrons on occasion. Servers usually develop skills that allow them to handle pressure with grace. Servers also seem to develop exceptional memories, and depending on the establishment, can develop an esoteric knowledge of a variety of foods and beverages.

babies nanny
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Provide Nanny or Babysitting Services

There are a lot of parents who are legitimately busy, or self-involved- that can employ and pay well for your services. There are scores of parents with kids out of school for the summer that don’t mind paying for a dependable and trustworthy nanny or babysitter. The job might require patience, creativity and an innovative mind, but you’ll likely be able to spend your summer reliving your own childhood memories and engage in fun activities for free. The experience gained can be valuable. It’s a skill that you may be able to fall back on later in life.

Become a Part-Time Entrepreneur

If you’re having a difficult time finding during the normal school semester, or during summer break, summer could be the perfect time to reach down deep to find the entrepreneur within. There are a myriad of good paying jobs, like mowing lawns, painting homes, walking dogs, street vending , writing resumes, building websites and more. The world has a tendency to support the efforts of hard-working, creative college students who are willing to hustle for extra tuition money.

Work the Sports and Social Club Scene

Practically every city has an assortment of sports and social clubs that extend offers for summer work. You may be able to find office work, or even work on the beach all day or hand out tee shirts. You can never tell where these part-time summer jobs will lead.

For college students with a can-do attitude, there’s always a way to earn good with high paying jobs that will help you afford your degree. You can benefit by earning income and developing valuable people and soft skills that will be useful in life.


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