5 Reasons Outlander Has Got Us Hooked!

Many of you might remember us doing a post about 5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For Outlander To Start, now that the show is 2 episodes in and in full swing I can definitely say I’m hooked. I’m so hooked that I’ve been re-watching the first 2 episodes so I won’t suffer from withdrawal and to make sure I’m not missing anything, lol… I can say re-watching did help me catch a few things I missed the first time. So… let me give you my follow up list!

5 Reasons Outlander Has Got Us Hooked!

1.The Artistry: I love how well put together each scene is, from the music and costumes to how they make sure you feel like you’re really there. The Outlander series is proving to be an artistic masterpiece so far.

2.Historical Fascination: Maybe it’s just me but I love history and with the way the Outlander series pulls in historical references it makes you think about how far we’ve come and what simple luxuries we may take for granted now.

3. Jamie Fraser: YES! I mentioned him in the post before, but he’s too handsome not to get another shout out. As of episode 2 we’ve seen a few sides of Jamie, and I can’t say I haven’t liked each part. From compassion to a warrior spirit, Jamie is sure to keep us swooning.

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4. Claire: Claire keeps me laughing with each episode, but I love that she’s a fireball too. So far Outlander has painted her as a strong woman with a healthy sexual appetite but who still has that femininity and vulnerability. It’s nice to see a woman who embodies so much of what the everyday woman can relate to.

5. Drama & Intrigue: As the story progresses, Claire has some enemies and Jaime has a dark and secretive past. I’m on edge with all the drama that is about to unfold. I love how this is all coming together!

I’m so ready for episode 3 (here’s a sneak peek of episode 3) because from the look of the scenes, things are about to get sticky for Claire and things are about to shake up my entire existence for that night! Be sure to tune in Saturday’s 9pm EST and use the #OutlanderDay hashtag to join the conversation 🙂

What Are Your Favorite Things About Outlander So Far?

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