What Women Should Consider When Buying Sportswear?

When it comes to buying ladies sportswear no two types of sportswear can be considered equal. Walk into the nearest sports clothing store and just picking up whatever looks good from the racks is the wrong way to go about doing things. One of the biggest mistakes women make is buying men’s sportswear. Men’s sportswear are very different for what is best suited for women and by making this mistake you’re making it impossible for yourself to excel at the sport you love playing.

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Here are a few things you should consider when shopping for women’s sportswear:

Always buy a good sports bra: Regardless of what type of sport you currently engage in it is important that you have a good support bra that provides you with support. Physical activity can certainly take its toll on a woman’s breasts which is why it’s very important that a bra that is especially made for this purpose is used. Some stores may ask that you get yourself measured to find the right bra size, if you feel shy doing this in a public place you can measure yourself at home. But you need to make sure that the bra is very tight around your body.

Buying tops: When you’re in the market for sportswear tops you should buy one that does not restrict your movement. For instance, if you like engaging in yoga you’ll want to purchase a yoga top so that the poses are done unhindered. The top may ideally be a bit loose under the armpits and neck region.

Buy a tracksuit for jogging: If all the sport you engage in is a bit of running or jogging around the park then purchase a good tracksuit. These are very comfortable, will not inhibit your strides and help to absorb sweat pretty efficiently. If you want to save money try buying a tracksuit either online or from a discount store. The quality may be a dash lower but you’ll end up saving up to $200.

Pre-Owned versus buying new

Websites like eBay allow women to choose between pre-owned or second hand sportswear and new ones. Pre-owned wear is around 60% cheaper than new sportswear that makes it very attractive for women on a budget. Also, contrary to popular belief second hand sportswear can be found in good or mint condition as it’s referred to. However, the decision to buy pre-owned sports gear as opposed to new ones is a personal decision. There are two huge downsides to buying used one being the fact that you may not be able to return the clothing if you find a defect or it tears because of material fiber deterioration.

Many people prefer to buy new track pants, t-shirts, and other sporting gear because it can be purchased at a size that fits them exactly the way they want. Also, some women may have personal hygiene issues when it comes to wearing second hand clothing. The rule of thumb for women who want to buy used is to find a store that is trustworthy, sells only mint second hard sportswear and offers a seven day return policy.

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Buying branded or new women’s sportswear

Your decision to buy from a big brand like O’Neill, Oakley or Billabong is something more of a personal and financial decision than anything else. Non-branded sportswear which is often manufactured overseas tends to be a lot more affordable to purchase and the quality is something that can be as good as branded ware. However, big brands don’t just charge for the material, labor and advertising, they also charge you for the years of research they put into creating a premium product. This is why if you want to stay on the cutting edge of sportswear technology then Lowes recommends that people always buy branded. If you’re just engaging in sports as a hobby then cheap non-branded clothing will suffice.

Women who are taking specialist sports training like MMA, Boxing or bodybuilding need to invest in high quality sportswear, protective equipment and shoes. Their instructors or their coach should be able to provide these women with valuable advice on where to find the best kit based on their overall budget. In the majority of cases professionals will recommend branded, if students cannot afford new then pre-owned is probably second best in this case.


Mark has been in the sporting industry as a player and now as a coach for fifteen years. He also has a degree in exercise science. When he is not coaching women’s basketball teams he can be found riding the high waves. His experience of both sports and exercise science helps him provide young peope with valuable advice on sportswear.

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