Next Level Romance: Are you Ready to Move in Together?

Romance is laden with firsts. The first kiss, first date, and first anniversary are all pivotal moments celebrated eagerly by those newly in love, and the first shared place is no different. Nowadays, many couples move in together before getting married as a means to test the waters further. Here is how to tell if your relationship has reached the right time to cohabitate.

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Sleeping Over

Eventually, you’ll find yourself staying together mostly at either your or your partner’s place. If you already spend most days and nights at one place, it is time to start seriously considering halving rent and utilities by combining spaces. So long as you aren’t bickering about chores every day, the next step should be a relatively smooth process.



There comes a time in every couple’s life when they will have a big argument, one that dwarfs all others. There may even be many smaller altercations. Whatever your level of conflict during these, it’s important to know that you two can handle each other when tempers flare. If you already know how to calmly and rationally handle each other during such times, you’ve already mastered one of the biggest hurdles.



Have you planned and had a full vacation together? Vacations are more than just getaways; they are expensive investments that force the two of you to deal with finances together, and then share a small space for an extended period of time. If this went smoothly and you were able to both enjoy the vacation, it’s a great sign living together will work out.

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Moving in together is generally not a spur of the moment endeavor. You have a lot of things to discuss from location to size. On top of that, you will each have individual ticks that you need to talk about before actually signing a contract for that new Toronto condo for sale. Provided honesty is not an issue between you two, cohabitation will be a fun next step in your relationship.

Shacking up with your partner in a Streetcar apartment is a great way to join forces as you both pursue your dreams together. If done too early, however, it can stress a couple to the breaking point. Pay attention to the signs, to accurately judge if you and your partner are ready for such a commitment. If so, cohabitation can definitely lead to a closer bond and more enriched partnership.

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