Creative Galaxy Review: How Did Baylee and I Like It #CreativeGalaxy #AmazonKids

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Parents today are constantly looking for great ways to keep their children entertained, stimulated and learning. As a proud aunt and future parent, I take a great interest in what my nieces and nephews learn and digest mentally. My niece Baylee just turned 4 and is one of the smartest kid’s I’ve ever met, sure we all think that about our babies… but she really is a smart pants lol. What I’ve noticed about Baylee is, when it comes to cartoons she’s quite particular… if she’s not engaged or it’s a certain style of artwork she might not watch it or be able to keep focused. With that said I knew Baylee was the perfect candidate to give Creative Galaxy the kid friendly test!

Amazon Creative Galaxy
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Amazon Creative Galaxy
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In a world where we seem to have let technology run rampant, children aren’t being encouraged to explore their creativity as much. That was one of the things I loved about Creative Galaxy. Each episode takes your child on a creative, art inspired adventure. Arty and Epiphany the main characters travel around the galaxy solving problems with art, creative thinking through crafts, music, dancing and more. It’s a very unique and interactive show, by the time Baylee and I had finished the first episode we both wanted to do our own arts and crafts LOL.

To put Baylee to the real test, I sat her down and we watched the first episode. I observed her as we watched to see if she might get bored… start talking ask to play something else… but she didn’t. I think at some point she might have forgotten I was there, lol. Once the first episode was done, I asked her if she wanted to watch something else or watch another episode…. *drum roll please* she requested to watch ANOTHER episode of Creative Galaxy! Anyone with children knows, kids cannot be forced to be entertained, engaged or excited about something they don’t like. It gets better though, after the second episode Baylee wanted to watch another. At this point I knew the show was a winner, after episode 3 I decided to drill down and ask her what she liked about the show. Baylee said she liked the colors, their adventures and their art… I took this as my cue and asked her if she wanted to do her own art, lol. So… we did arts and crafts ourselves.

Check Out Baylee’s Artwork

Baylee's Artwork Creative Galaxy
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Your Life After 25 gives Creative Galaxy 10/10

You Can Check Out Creative Galaxy Here on Amazon Instant Video

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