Sin City Matrimony: 6 Essentials for a Las Vegas Wedding

There’s something wildly appealing about a Las Vegas wedding, and if you are someone who loves to live life to the fullest, you may decide that a Vegas wedding is in the cards, or in the dice, if you prefer! Unless you are actually eloping and running to the first wedding chapel you can find, there will be some planning involved, so consider these tips for getting the Las Vegas wedding of your dreams.

Las Vegas Weddings
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Erin and Ben’s wedding at the Little Chapel of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada


Skip the Holiday Weddings

Las Vegas is a resort town, and it is an amazingly popular tourist destination around all of the major holidays. Getting married on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve might sound romantic, but the truth is that you will be fighting for space and for resources. Skip the holidays and opt for a quieter time. When you want to save money, remember that getting married in the off-season is going to be best. You will have your pick of the hotels and the chapels, and travel costs are going to be much cheaper. If you want to get married in the off-season, opt for a winter or fall wedding.


Consider a Night Wedding

Summer weddings in Las Vegas are amazing, but the thing to remember is that the city is located in the middle of the desert. A day wedding can leave everyone melting, so why not try a night wedding instead? A night wedding can be a gorgeous way to set your ceremony apart.


Hotel Buffet

When you want to feed your guests and you want to make sure that no one goes home hungry, remember that Las Vegas is known for its buffets. Forget what you might think you know about dried out chicken and limp salad. Las Vegas has some real culinary investment in the egalitarian and varied nature of the buffet. The city spirit believes in variety and in everyone getting what they want, and that is what the buffet is all about. offers both reviews of Las Vegas buffets and a listing of some of the best buffets around, so consider what you might want to feed your guests.


Consider a Wedding Package

Las Vegas is a city that has made weddings a business, and there are many venues out there that want to help you get the wedding that you have always wanted. When you want to make sure that things like catering, venue rental, photography, and officiant hire are all taken care of, companies like Mon Bel Ami are a great source to help you get married in Las Vegas. This is especially handy if you are new to the city and want things taken care of quickly and easily.


Make It Unique

There’s the old trope of getting married by an Elvis impersonator, but the truth is that that is just the tip of the iceberg. Las Vegas is a town that believes in you getting married in the exact way that you want, so if you have an urge to have a wedding like no one else’s, this is the city for you. Talk with your significant other about what you really want. There’s nothing wrong with a very simple, very traditional wedding, but there’s nothing wrong with a medieval wedding or a wedding officiated by a Star Trek captain, either!


Dress Accordingly

Whether you choose to pick a dress out carefully months in advance or you are more interested in a spur of the moment purchase, remember that you are getting married in a town that routinely boasts 100 degree temperatures and more. A sleeveless dress can keep you cool, as can a dress in cotton or linen. Unless you are feeling really invested in a long sleeved heavy dress, skip it!

A Las Vegas wedding can be an amazing way to start off married life, so consider how you should arrange it.

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