4 Stellar Masters Degrees Well Worth the Effort

Pursuing a master’s degree is a great decision for those looking to advance their career and knowledge. With the vast amount of degree options out there, some selections offer more fruitful opportunities than others. Four stellar master’s degree programs that are well worth the effort are civil engineering, health care administration, computer science, and criminal justice.

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Health Care Administration

The field of health care is one that will never go away. People will always need health care professionals as long as we are on this planet. With a master’s degree in health care administration, graduates actually manage and supervise entire hospitals. Health administers actually safeguard the efficiency and thoroughness of all procedures, performing as the main center of control within the entire hospital itself. This industry is expected to grow around 1.5% within the next few years, making it a growing and thriving industry to get into.


Civil Engineering

Civil engineering centralizes in not only our natural world, but the physically built environment as well. There are multiple sub-disciplines in civil engineering, considering it is an incredibly in depth field. Most engineers find it beyond rewarding, however, because they are able to build intricate structures, meshing creativity with functionality. Whether they construct roads or design buildings to withstand natural disasters, the industry is growing and rewarding, as most cities and nations need to update or develop. Civil engineers can also work to integrate green initiatives into construction projects, and even make cities more efficient in their designs. You can even find flexible online education options, such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology Master’s of Civil Engineering.


Computer Science

One of the top degree and career choices in the United States lately has been in computer science. The opportunities in the field are endless, allowing graduates to experience nearly whatever type of career they are be interested in. With a master’s degree in computer science, careers open in many fields, from law enforcement to network specialists. The industry of computer science is also one of the fastest growing job fields in the United States, often with some of the highest wages as well.


Criminal Justice

With a master’s in criminal justice, a graduate can have opportunities that include crime research, crime scene investigation, criminal litigation, federal jobs, or even criminal theory. With a projected job growth rate of 19% by 2018, opportunities are endless for those looking to enter this detailed yet exciting field. Criminal justice focuses on everything from research on how legislation or case law applies to daily situations to criminal behavior in all cultures internationally.

With either of these four programs, any graduate will excel in their future degree. A master’s degree can be difficult and stressful at times, but if the right path is chosen, it is definitely completely worth the effort!

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