How Forgetting Regular Car Maintenance Can Negatively Affect Your Car

Regardless of make or model, a car represents a significant asset for the average person. As such, it’s in your best interests to take care of any automobile to preserve value. If more people understood how forgetting regular car maintenance can hurt their cars, they’d probably take it more seriously. Here are a few negative consequences of lackadaisical car care.

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Lousy Driving Performance

A modern automobile is a precision instrument that requires regular upkeep to perform at optimal levels. Remembering to regularly change the oil and coolant will keep your car’s engine from burning out prematurely according to Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres, a company that provides oil change in Calgary. Aside from fluids, it’s critical that air filters, belts, PCVs, hoses and spark plugs be swapped out regularly to deliver the best performance.


Voided Warranties

Failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule is a surefire way to void the warranty. If you don’t change the oil and transmission fluid on schedule, you’re just begging for an early engine death that won’t be covered by the warranty. A new car motor is a huge expense that’s entirely avoidable if you keep your eye on car maintenance needs.


Decreased Vehicle Life

Modern cars should go at least 300,000 miles without major repairs. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where serious engine, transmission or frame work isn’t worth the cost. One can delay that day of reckoning with regular checkups. Perform preventative suspension and alignment maintenance to keep your car on the road as long as possible.

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Potential Safety Issues

In some cases, lax vehicle upkeep can be a threat to life and limb. Allowing the electrical system to fall into disrepair can lead to unexpected fires. Shoddy brakes and uneven tires can result in serious accidents and fatal wrecks. Do yourself a favor and have a mechanic give your car an annual safety audit. At a minimum, be sure to rotate the tires every 10,000 miles.


Horrible ROI over Time

Ultimately, car owners that neglect car maintenance are just throwing money away. A little bit of prevention can save you a ton in repair bills. It can even reduce insurance rates. For example, something as simple as waxing the windshield will extend the life of wipers and save a surprising amount of money over time.

Ultimately, prudent consumers think of their cars as investments. These investments can yield surprising returns when cared for properly. Conversely, a failure to invest a few hundred dollars in car maintenance can spiral into thousands in repair costs down the line. Regular upkeep will make your vehicle a productive asset rather than a money pit.

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