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The holidays are upon us and I’m sure you’re making your lists and checking them twice on shopping for your loved ones. Every year there seems to be something new and awesome to buy and sometimes the holiday shopping experience can become a bit overwhelming. To help with some gift ideas we’ve made Your Life After 25’s Holiday Gift Guide using ShopRunner.

What is ShopRunner?

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ShopRunner is like having access to your very own, members only mall. With your membership you have access to great deals, unlimited FREE 2 day shipping, express checkout, FREE return shipping, and so much more. With ShopRunner you can basically shop for the whole family, right from the comfort of your home :). With that said, let’s check out some fabulous gift ideas below.

Your Life After 25 Holiday Gift Guide

I know as women we usually like to get gifts people need or can use, but I think for the holidays it’s important to get gifts people want. We have ALL year long to be practical, the holidays should be one time of year we can throw caution to the wind. Keep that in mind as you make your purchases. And even if you want to get things that are needed, try to mix in a few wants also.

Gifts for Men

Most men love electronics, gaming, fitness and anything that can help them relax. Right now the new Call of Duty Game, Madden & Grand Theft Auto are a hot item for gamers. You really can’t go wrong with picking up a laptop or tablet for him if he’s in need, it works great for fun and work. If your guy is into fitness be sure to check out the health section for supplements, vitamins and more to help on his fitness journey. And last but not least, if he’s got a knack for fashion grab him the latest duds in the men’s clothing section.

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Gifts for Women

As a woman, I’d like to say we’re easy to shop for, lol… what woman doesn’t love jewelry, bags, shoes, anything we can feel pampered with and more. BUT, I’ll admit it… we women can be complicated to shop for at times, lol. Most times women give hints as to what they want, the real trick is to pay attention to our hints and what we like. Take a look at this list I’ve created below to help narrow down the list for you. If you know her shoe size you really can’t go wrong with a fabulous pair of shoes. Ladies of today are into gaming and electronics too, so don’t be afraid to pick her up a tablet or if she’s been hinting at a laptop grab her one. She’s also trying to look her best for the next year, so stopping by the health and fitness section is also a great idea.

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Gifts for Tweens & Teens

These days teens and tweens aren’t terribly hard to shop for, lol… they too are big on hints and just plain asking for what they want. And for the most part if it requires wifi, hashtags, a data plan, they’ll want it. I do think you need to be mindful about which games and apps you let your kids play with though, sometimes the covers may look harmless but the content inside isn’t really meant for them.

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Gifts for Kids

And now for the easiest people the shop for are children lol. I personally still believe in getting things that kids can play with outside and still require some imagination. But it’s still good to get board games, video games, and more also. And since most children see us with tech gadgets they want them too, I think that children should have the children versions of tablets and laptops though, if you get them the same thing as yourself they won’t understand the boundaries or have something to aspire to.

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I hope you’ve found the Your Life After 25 Holiday Gift Guide useful! is the best way to shop online for the stuff you love. Visit to sign up! Plus, for a limited time only, make a $100 purchase at a partner store and get a 1-year membership to for free! A $79 Value!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ShopRunner. The opinions and text are all mine.

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