Are you a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday Deal Grabber? #ODOMXBlackFriday

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Every Thanksgiving holiday there is some sort of ritual that takes place, lol. You have a wonderful dinner with friends and family, some watch football or play games and then many prepare for the marathon shopping that takes place the next day known as “Black Friday”. Because of the popularity of online shopping in recent years “Cyber Monday” the online version of marathon shopping, deals and sales after Thanksgiving has become another staple in holiday shopping culture. Black Friday can be a bit of an ordeal so I used to find myself opting out, however over the years I became an avid Cyber Monday shopper because I tend to shop online anyway. That brings me to a fascinating point, I’ve noticed there is a big distention between the Black Friday patron and the Cyber Monday shopper, which one are you?

Office Depot Black Friday
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With this holiday upon us, I wanted to show you some fabulous deals you can grab from Office Depot and OfficeMax while you’re making your Black Friday or Cyber Monday stops. Office Depot OfficeMax is offering the lowest prices ever so it’s definitely something you need to check out for those gift lists. Whether you’re looking for laptops and computer or furniture the Office Depot OfficeMax deal center is sure to have something you’ll want.

Office Depot Black Friday
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And just as you finish all your holiday shopping or if you’re looking to take a break from it all, be sure to “Elf Yourself”, lol. You can Elf your friends, elf your boss, or even elf your dog! The holidays aren’t just about shopping and gifts, it’s about being able to have fun and spend time with friends and family. So taking time out for a little humor is definitely a great way to go. I would do an “Elf Yourself” challenge for family and friends and you can all share it with each other! So don’t forget to download “Elf Yourself” on your Smart Phone today!

With that said, I wish you all a SAFE and Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Luck with finding all those DEALS!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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