Keeping The Romance Alive 10 Years In: 5 Golden Tips For You

Snip, snip… and the once romantic evenings fade away, the smiles become plain, and the sexy lingerie gets hidden away to be replaced by a routine, loveless relationship. 10 years down the line and you can’t even remember the last time you called your partner a pet name or wrote him or her a love note. You shouldn’t let your romance die off this easily, here are 5 top tips to help you rekindle the fire in your relationship.


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Start Dating Again

One of the benefits of dating is that it inspires you to have a new conversation and have a much-needed laugh. Make sure you go out at least once a week, just the two of you. It is not mandatory that the date should be an expensive affair – it can be simple. All you are looking for is to reconnect with your spouse on a personal level away from the hustle and bustle of your home. If you have a kid, get a babysitter for the time.

Improve Your Appearance

Research shows that positive actions breed positive reactions. You need to make yourself more attractive to your partner. Your partner might lose interest if you don’t mind your appearance. Here is what you can do to stay attractive:
• Go for fitness lessons together.
• Invest in new clothes. Don’t just focus on the clothes you wear during the day, invest in some lingerie as well.
• Change your hairstyle.

Your partner will notice these changes, and will appreciate the fact that you are trying to look good for him or her. Appreciation is the start of romance.

Create Quality Time Together

As time goes by, you find that most of your free time is spent talking about your plans, current problems, bills and next day schedules. This leaves no quality time for the both of you.
You need to create quality time for each other. Love is all about connecting with each other from time to time, talking sweet nothings to each other and just enjoying each other’s company.
One of the cheapest examples of having quality time is to give your partner a massage. You get time to talk and become intimate at the same time.

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Use Small Gestures to Show Your Love

To keep the fire burning, you don’t have to make a big gesture – simple gestures have the biggest impact. Leave your partner a note, buy them flowers, jewelry or a simple card. Don’t forget the love messages that you can send via text or email. To add some spice to the whole process, try to send the message when least expected. For instance, send a simple “love you” text when your spouse is in the middle of a meeting. Then wait for results.

Explore the Power of Touch

For your relationship to grow, you need to incorporate physical intimacy in it. You need to learn to kiss, hold hands, and touch your spouse on regular basis. A surprise kiss can start something that you will smile about.
In summary, kids, misunderstandings, jobs, and other activities are a big threat to your relationship. You need to try to save it before it becomes just another routine in your life. These tips can set you on the path to recovering your romance.

Marcie has been working with couples and individuals for over 8 years. Helping them start off right, strengthen and enhance their relationships and even avoid divorce. Her company, Love Your Relationship, focuses on private couples retreats.

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