Slim Shady: 6 Sly Face-Slimming Beauty Hacks That You Will Love


For some of us, no amount of dieting, facial exercise, or physical activity will be enough to slim down our faces. While face shape can change after weight loss, many people have just round faces—and always will. However, if you ever feel like your face is looking too round, you can use a few sneaky makeup tricks to instantly slim your face. Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting that you change your face shape, but you can use a few beauty hacks to enhance the shape of your face and enrich your naturally beautiful features. Here are a few sneaky tricks to help you instantly slim your face without any dieting or crazy facial exercises:

Contour the Features

face slimming contouring
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An incredible way to bring attention to the sharpest features of your face and allow it to look instantly slimmer, is by using bronzer on the lowest points to allow them to recede. Contouring is one of the most popular methods practiced by makeup artists, and can create an optical illusion with the shape of your face. A general rule of thumb is to highlight the highest points of the face and brush bronzer onto the lowest features.


Opt for Bare Lips

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Although it can be fun to play with dark lip shades that look dramatic, it can also enhance the roundness of your face and draw too much attention to your face shape. Opt for nudes and clear glosses for neutral lips to prevent having a full lip shape that creates a heavier appearance. You can also apply a dab of bronzer to the top of your lip line to manipulate the general shape.

Apply a Skin Elasticity Cream

face slimming skin elasticity
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According to cosmetic surgeons in Salt Lake City, sagging of the facial skin naturally occurs with age, causing the face to look fuller and more round. To make the skin more elastic, it’s important to apply a noninvasive cream that can restore collagen that has been lost. Use a product that contains vitamin A, which will reduce the appearance of fine lines and will even out the skin tone. The cream can be applied underneath makeup in the morning or at night after cleansing the skin.

Add Bronzer Diagonally

face slimming bronzer
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To enhance your cheekbones and create more depth to your face shape, create a dramatic diagonal line a half an inch from the corners of your mouth towards the top of your ears. Pucker up when you create the line to ensure that it rests just below your cheekbone and looks natural. Blend the bronzer and add a light stroke of highlighting makeup to enhance the shade of the product for a stunning makeup technique that will elongate your face within minutes.

Avoid Circular Motions

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Whether you’re applying foundation or blush, it’s important to avoid using circular motions. Instead, brush the products on by sweeping it onto the skin from the inside of the face outward, which will elongate the face shape and prevent having the makeup sit in one place or look blotchy.

Create a Higher Eyebrow Arch

face slimming arch eyebrows
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Eyebrows that are too round can enhance a full face, making it important to reshape your eyebrow arch for something more dramatic. Your eyebrows should look fierce with a bit of edge, to balance out the face shape and cause it to look more stretched. Apply eyeshadow with an angled brush to create a new shape while filling it in, for a natural appearance that doesn’t cause your brows to look drawn on.

Although you should embrace your face shape, using a few of these sly tricks will help you to enhance the areas you are self-conscious about. With a few quick slimming tactics, you’ll feel more confident in your own skin and stop worrying about your face shape. With the right products and techniques used, you can transform your appearance and have a new makeup routine that complements your natural features. So no matter your face shape, experiment with different techniques and products to find your favorites and rock a new look that you love.

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