4 Tricks to Keep Your Baby Toys Better Organized

For parents, keeping a clean house is a little like chasing a tornado. A tornado that leaves scattered toys in its wake.

But before you give up your dream of a tidy home, or resign yourself to a career in the maid brigade, take a moment to read our simple steps for organizing your baby’s toys.

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It’s All About the Storage

A toy box is great for large items, but doesn’t offer much organization for toys that come with a lot of small pieces.

Luckily, containers come in all shapes and sizes. Collect a variety of boxes and set them up on your child’s shelves. And don’t forget to carefully label everything!

Get on Their Level

Why should you be the one doing all the work? Enlist your child’s help when getting organized. If your child is anywhere from two to three years in age, they are capable of helping out. Outline clear rules about putting away toys, and stick to a schedule. But before you do, take a seat on the floor and look around.

Are toys stored in hard-to-open bins? Are drawers too difficult to navigate with tiny fingers? Are closet doors too heavy for your child to open?

Take a moment to think as if you were your child. Then reevaluate your clean-up plan. Keeping a tidy house may be as simple as investing in more kid-friendly storage.

Keep it out of Reach

You’ve told your children over and over again that they can’t bring out a new toy until they’ve put away the old one. How often do they listen?

Instead of hoping for their cooperation, take matters into your own hands. Utilize the taller shelves in your house, like the ones found in most closets. When your child wants to play with a new toy they’ll be forced to ask your permission- at which point you can remind them to clean up first.

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Get Creative

From your local hardware store to a thrift shop, you’ll find countless items that can be turned into organization tools.

Why not use an over-the-door shoe rack to store stuffed animals? Cleaned up paint cans are perfect for action figures and you can convert a tiered magazine rack into bookshelves.

With a little imagination, you’ll find practical and creative storage ideas everywhere.

Being a parent means making sacrifices. But there’s no reason for one of those sacrifices to be a tidy home. Instead of spending your days wading through a sea of toys, use our tricks and get organized!

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