No Battle of the sexes: Bedazzling Valentines Day Gifts for Men and Women!

Come February 14th and you are flipping through the Crisp and Neat Pages of that attractive looking Table Top calendar near your bedside. Yes! No offense meant! Love is in the air for your guesses are as good as that Suave looking American TV Show host with an inimitable nasal twang…

Valentines Day
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Precious Shopper, Go figure this out for yourself as some dash of creativity and a wee tad little bit of aesthetics are all you need in the Gifting quest for your Beloved, Muse of a Girlfriend, Sweetheart and more lest you choose to be overwhelmed by all the attractive Valentines Day offers flooding the landscape of the All Gloss, but No Content market.

Valentines Day is a grand and eventful occasion besides the consumerist hype haloed around the same. While, Gifting is a selfless, noble as well as beauteous act in itself. Gifting has been carried out as a Pleasant custom and legacy by the Emperors, kings and rulers of the good old times gone by. Valentine’s Day speaks of the unbound love ( Towards each other) that is there in the impeccable depths of teeming hearts belonging to many couples spread across the world.

The Poetry and the immaculate verses are always there to be read out as lofty odes to that special someone in the company of whom the milestones of your Life’s Journey are crossed, come tide, come storm. But then again, having said that or else let’s say that its easier said than done. You may very well ask? What may be that?

Gifting can be a tough, cumbersome and uphill task to complete anyways. Its not because that there aren’t any novelties and gifts available at your arm’s – length, but the slew of gifting choices flooding the market literally leaves you bedazzled and sort of dazed, doesn’t they?

At a Fix for that Quintessential Valentine’s Gift to be cherry picked off those glossy cabinets, well as a matter of fact, given the jet set technology propelled era we all dwell in, its not hard and fast to actually visit some bricks and mortar store in order to buy an Ideal Valentine’s day gift for your beau, flame, hug able hunk, bombshell and many other such loving titles to follow!

Picture this for a change, how about sitting at the cozy comfort of your haven of a home and clicking that harmless mouse’s cursor to glory’s way? Well, what did you think Mr. Or Miss Valentine? The Melange of E – Gifting Portals are always welcome as they have the right expertise on-board them to help and solve the issue of gifting relevantly, come any event, come any occasion at hand.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus sounds a bit stale in these times. Well a couple always fancies to gift each other something rare and something unique which leaves a lasting signature of love on each other’s hearts.

Valentines Day
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Cupid, just before releasing the mystical arrow from his bow at couples this Valentine would also like to remind you pleasantly that Gifting on this occasion is not an impossible thing at all, given the fact that you brace yourselves with an aesthetic presence of mind while buying Valentine’s Day Gifts meant for Men and Valentine’s Day Gifts meant for Women. Harmless are these pointers in this regard, viz:-

For the Metro sexual Hunk: Well here, all you Ladies need to do is pulling up your socks and fetch a posh and luxurious grooming kit exclusively meant for the metro sexual man. He would anyways be delighted to spray that misty fragrance, lather his beard and mustache with that premium shaving gel and apply that hair on his manly locks.

For the Romantic Lady of Letters: Well, Well, you can go on to gift your Lady Love who is a die hard Romantic with some Bestselling Novels and Rom Com genre of Movie DVDS. What is more? You can land some Love themed Movie tickets on her lap.

For the Slim brief case held, Corporate Man: Leather bound Diaries, Planners, Elegant Writing tools meant for his work desk are always welcome her among a host of other Corporate gifting novelties to make up your mind upon.

For the Chic Mademoiselle: Every Girl likes to be two things which Coco Chanel had spoken out… Classy and Fabulous! Nothing impresses your Lady Love than a Little Black Dress ( Also called as LBD) if she likes style. This attire was made famous by the late Hollywood Star Audrey Hepburn as seen in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

All said and done, Its not about that Price Tag which your Valentine’s Day themed Gift might carry but the sheer pains taken and the romantic energies which rally like some personalized and soulful signature behind a particular gift item’s choice that makes the Love Story grand!

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