What Will Your Valentines Day Be Like?

Valentines Day romance
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Ah Valentines Day is upon us again, once a year we all get a chance to either celebrate love or wallow in the sorrows of our own loneliness lol. Valentines Day is either your favorite holiday because you’ve found “bae” or it makes you literally want to hibernate for the month of February… if you’re single. For me, I’ve gotten past the whole “Valentines Day Sucks” period of my life and have found a way to embrace S.A.D. also known as Single’s Awareness Day.

If you check out events in your city, you’ll find there’s plant for singles and couples to do. You can either ignite that spark in your romance or take a dating leap of faith and go looking for love at a local singles event. This year Christian Grey is MY Valentine, lol… Can’t wait for 50 Shades of Grey to come out.

How Do You Feel About Valentines Day?

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