5 Ways to Add a Splash of Class to Your Home This Winter

You can add a splash of class to both the interior and exterior of your home with selectively chosen seasonal decor. You can also make some attractive additions to your home that will transcend the winter season and add beauty to your home throughout the year.


Your front door

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First impressions are often made at the front door. If your front door needs a new coat of paint or some updated hardware, make that an immediate weekend or evening project. Once the door looks good, you’re ready to hang an attractive wreath that will make a positive impression on your visitors.

Outdoor lighting

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You can either demonstrate a bit of discretion or you can go big and bold, decorating the perimeter of your house with an assortment of lights. If you choose to add just a dose of lighting, you can use a spotlight to highlight a seasonal shrub, a holiday figurine or a specific feature in your landscape. Pathway lights or luminaries that lead visitors to your door would be a nice addition to your landscape design. This might also be a good time to update your porch light so that it makes a style statement throughout the year.


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Typically, you think of choosing window treatments based on how well they look in a room. However, window treatments can also have a large impact on the exterior appearance of your home. As you browse through any number of photo galleries online you’ll notice the influence window treatments have on the curb appeal of a home. Candles in the window help set the mood for a cozy, warm interior atmosphere during the holidays. With the windows getting an additional amount of attention, you want to be sure your window treatments are an impressive part of the decor.


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Decorating your home for the winter usually means there will be an increase in the lighting due to the lights on the tree, candles in the window, lighted table top centerpieces and other illuminated decorative accents. You can add class to your home by hanging some exquisite mirrors in areas where the light will be reflected in those mirrors. Lights reflecting in a mirror can make a room look and feel more festive.

Silver and gold

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Incorporating a variety of silver and gold decorative accents in your home will elevate its level of elegance during the winter months. Candlesticks on the mantle, on the dining room table or on accent tables throughout the house make your home look regal. Silver and gold can be brought into your decor in the form of accent pillows, towels, holiday dishes and numerous other ways. You can get sparkle and elegance with decorative items in a silver or gold finish.

When you decorate for the winter, you might want to focus on some aspects of your decor, such as your porch light, front door and windows, which will add beauty to your home beyond the winter season. A few exquisite decorative accessories can elevate the atmosphere of elegance within your home.

Information provided by Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions.

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