Couples Therapy On A New Level: 5 Things We Can Learn From Sex Box

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When it comes to relationships we’re all trying to find the best balance of what works. There’s no wonder why topics like “How Confidence Can Help You Have A Happy Relationship” or ” How to Find and Keep The Love of Your Life” are popular on Your Life After 25.  I’m a firm believer of utilizing different resources or ways to make your relationship work for you.  When I first heard about the show Sex Box I had the shock factor in the name like many of you but I was really interest in learning about what tips the show had to offer. Upon more research I realized it’s just another form of unconventional couple’s therapy.

The show is new but based on the 1st 3 episodes there was a ton to learn or discuss. Episode 1 covers communication issues, Episode 2 tackles sexuality and keeping passion going, and Episode 3 delves into intimacy.  Of course there is the taboo of the “Sex Box” but at the end of the day it’s all about people who love each other trying to navigate the wavy waters of a relationship. 

Sex Box allows 3 couples each week to utilize the expertise of relationship experts in different fields.

Sex box Experts
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Dr. Yvonne Capehart is a  Pastor and Couples Counselor Dr. Fran Walfish is a Relationship Psychotherapist and Dr. Chris Donaghue is Sexologist and Clinical Psychotherapist. Now for the “Sex Box“, while the idea of couples having sex in a sound proof and private box on stage may sound risquè, it’s actually based on a scientific principle. According to the study, in the first 15 minutes after intimacy, the body is flooded with oxytocins and endorphins this allows people to really open up and reveal the root of their problems.  So in essence the Sex Box allows couples to become naked emotionally, mentally, psychologically and physically.  It’s important to break down barriers and become vulnerable to our partners in order to rebuild with a trusting and solid foundation. WEtv has a winner with this unconventional show.

Sex Box Let's Get It On episode
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To me this show is perfect for a girl’s night where you can have cocktails with friends and discuss relationship issues and maybe learn together.  It’s also a great show for couples to watch together, may those who may be too nervous to see their own couples therapist, and open difficult dialogue that they can work through together over something entertaining. 

Here Are 5 Things We Can LEARN from Sex Box

1. How to overcome your sexual inhibitions

2. How to communicate more effectively in your relationship

3. Acceptance of each other’s differences, likes, and needs

4. How to regain intimacy

5. How to balance life, parenting, love and sex.

Check out the Sex Box Trailer Below!

Be Sure To Tune In For Sex Box Fridays on WEtv at 10pm/9c

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