The Ultimate Budget Wedding: How to Throw a Reception in your Garage

Rental party spaces can be pricy. However, most of the rooms in your home might not be spacious enough to host a wedding. Fortunately, if you have a garage, you have at least one large space that can be turned into an excellent wedding space.

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Of course, most garages do not have particularly romantic interior decoration. However, with a few basic materials and know-how, you can transform your utilitarian garage into a lovely space for your wedding reception or ceremony.


– Before you start decorating, your garage will probably require a little bit of preparation.

  • Organize –  Needless to say, if you have lots of things stored in your garage, you will need to find some other place to store them during the wedding.
  • Clean –  Unless you have a country hoedown theme for your wedding, you’ll want to clean your garage as much as possible. Do this well ahead of time and let it air out, so it doesn’t smell like oil and lawn equipment on your wedding day.

Decoration Materials

  • Fabric – One of the easiest ways to transform the appearance of the walls and ceiling is to hang fabric drapes and a canopy. Tobacco cloth is an easy to drape fabric you might consider. Or, you could go with something light and shimmering, like organza or tulle.
  • Christmas lights – Every wedding needs a little sparkle. White Christmas lights are an easy and effective way to brighten up your garage. With just a few sets of lights, you can put them up around the perimeter of the ceiling. Or, if you get several sets, you can run them up and down the walls and across the ceiling.
  • Wall organizers – Does your garage already have a wall organizer? Organizers like pegboard or horizontal grooved panels are common fixtures in many garages that you can use to your advantage. They make hanging up decorations a breeze! Lights, photos of the bride and groom, and flower arrangements are all great decoration choices.
  • Candles – Nothing creates a romantic atmosphere quite like the warm glow of candles. If you are setting up your garage with dining tables, including candles in their centrepieces is a great decoration choice. It is important to be careful of fire hazards, so keep candles away from any drapes or other flammable materials.
  • Flowers – Bring some colour and life into your garage with some flower arrangements. They can either be part of the table centrepiece or hung on the wall in decorative bouquets.

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Wedding functions – Depending on the size of your garage and the number of wedding guests in attendance, your garage can serve a variety of different functions.

  • Dining area – Rent some banquet tables, chairs, and tablecloths. Voilà! You have a banquet hall.
  • Buffet station – If the weather and climate permit, you may be having most of your reception out on the lawn. However, you can still make good use of the garage for buffet tables and the bar. Alternatively, if you will have table service instead of a buffet, the caterers can operate out of your garage.
  • Dance floor – Your garage is an excellent place for the dance floor of your wedding reception. After all, it is a wide-open space. And after you’ve put up your lights and decorations, it will look magical. But your garage flooring must be suitable for dancing. If your garage floor is not made from a suitable material, you can rent a temporary dance floor to go on top.


Author Bio:

Anne Flemings loves interior designing and is always in pursuit of the latest changes and trends in home improvement. Her other interests lies in cooking, painting and blogging. She is an enthusiast homemaker who lives in Toronto with her husband and two kids. She can be followed on twitter.

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