Baby’s Room: Ideas for Before You Bring Your Bundle Home

New parents often get caught up in huge concerns like how they will parent, financial rearrangements, and working out a different work schedule. With the big disruption in their lives it’s no wonder smaller concerns like decorating the nursery can take a backseat. But it’s important not to neglect the smaller concerns as well. Your baby’s room should project an aura of joy and comfort. Before bringing your little one home from the hospital, decorate the nursery in cheerful patterns that will make everyone feel welcome and happy. Here are some ideas to help you build the best nursery for your little one.

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Clean the Flooring
Whether the room has carpet, wood floors, or a vinyl covering, clean it thoroughly before the baby comes home. It is easy to drop things when you are a busy new parent, and you want to keep everything as clean as possible. Plus, dirty or dusty floors harbor dust mites and germs, so a clean floor is a great start. Hire a carpet cleaner to get all those tricky spot and to be sure you floor is at its very best.

Decorate the Walls

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If you have chosen a theme, hang up related pictures, decals, posters, or other accents to add color to the room. Otherwise, arrange a coordinating selection of baby-themed images, such as blocks, stuffed animals, or angels. These can be hung in a variety of combinations on all four walls. Don’t forget the windows, where you can add decals, wind chimes, or sun catchers. If you don’t already have shutters, consider adding Sunburst Shutters at each window for a unique decorative touch.

Prepare the Crib

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Make sure the crib is safe from recall, and have all sheets and blankets washed and ready to use. Wipe down the crib with a clean cloth moistened with mild soap detergent, and then rinse it with clear water. Doctors recommend not putting any toys or quilts in the crib with a baby in order to reduce the risk of suffocation or SIDS.

Organize Supplies
Some parents prefer to wash new clothes in baby-safe laundry detergent before they are worn. Fold and stack them in a chest of drawers or a baby changing stand if you have one. If you are using a bassinet, many come with a storage area beneath the bedding. Fill the storage area with diapers, onesies, sleepers, receiving blankets, baby wipes, and other necessities so you know where they are when needed.

Set up the Toys
Place toys for viewing, like stuffed animals designed for older children, on top of the chest of drawers or on a night stand. A newborn shouldn’t have much contact with toys, but will eventually be able to use them. A night light may be helpful for those late-night diapers and feedings.

A few basic touches like these can turn any room into a well-equipped nursery. Get your baby’s room ready before the big day arrives so she or he can get settled in comfortably.

baby crib baby room
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