Beauty on a Budget: Cheap alternatives to Cosmetics

Beauty comes at a hefty price these days. If you rely solely on the beauty products from multinational companies, you have to dig deep into your pocket to get a beautiful skin. But remember, their only aim is to earn money even if it comes at the cost of the natural beauty of their customers. But no more. Here in this article, we will be exploring the various methods that are cheap and do not harm your skin in any way:


Beauty on a Budget: Cheap alternatives to Cosmetics
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If you look around in your home, you will find a number of ingredients that can moisturize  your skin. Natural oils are the best gift you can present to your skin. Coconut oil for beauty treatments has been in use since a long time. You can use it or other oils like olive oil or almond oil or prepare a moisturizing lotion at home. So, ditch those harsh beauty products which claim presence of natural ingredients but in reality are rich of chemicals which can eat up into your skin.


I find it amusing when people buy costly scrubs from the market wherein there are a plenty of scrubbing ingredients present in your kitchen closet. One of the best scrubs that I would like to share with you is the one that I have used for years. It is made with olive oil, coconut oil, brown sugar and shea butter. Use it in the same manner as you use other ready-made scrubs. Wherein the scrubs from the market leave your skin irritated and damaged, natural home made scrubs make your skin luminous and soft with no aftermath effects like aging.

Beauty on a Budget: Cheap alternatives to Cosmetics
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Make up remover

Why indulge in costly make-up removers when you can remove it easily without any hassle with coconut oil or baby oil. They ensure that the last residue of your make-up is removed without inflaming the skin and do not leave any harmful residues. They moisturize the skin in addition to making it soft and smooth. Your skincare will receive a boost with natural oils as it will keep you safe from skin issues that erupt with heavy chemical make-up removers.

Tame frizz

Apply some oil in moderation to the ends of your hair and control the frizz that makes you feel agitated and uncomfortable on more occasions than one. Alternatively, ditch expensive anti frizz serums and add lime juice to your shampoo bottle to make your fly aways look prim and proper all the time.

Well conditioned hair

Use coconut oil for beauty of your long locks. Massage your hair with coconut oil (hot). I am recommending coconut oil as the penetration power of this oil is the highest among all the oils. It nourishes hair deeply making them healthy with a natural shine that will be envied by all. If you do not have an access to this one, you can apply olive oil or almond oil or mix the two to receive double the benefits.

Under-eye skin

Under-eye skincare is extremely important to keep aging at bay. Look in your kitchen closets for almond oil. Apply it under the eyes. It is antiaging and makes the skin below the eyes healthy and nourished and also save your money that you would have otherwise spent on expensive under eye creams. Another advantage that can be reaped with natural oils is that it makes your eyelashes grow and halt their sudden fall.

So, aren’t these economical? An added advantage is safety. Start using them today and see the difference yourself.

Author Bio

Emma Brown is a skin expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people. She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmaBrownSpeaks

Beauty on a Budget: Cheap alternatives to Cosmetics
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