Budget Worthy Style: How To Repurpose and Then Resurface with method!

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I’ve always been a budget conscious type of person, if there is a coupon to be found I’m looking for it, lol.  I’ve never been one to shy away from clearance racks or finding and awesome deal at a thrift store, it’s just who I am. When it comes to style and fashion there are so many budget conscious options to getting the most out of your wardrobe, 2 ways I plan to go over today are how to repurpose and also considering how you wash your clothes. That’s right, how you wash your clothes could be ruining the longevity of your favorite closet items!!! Thanks to method, I get to discuss a few ways you can look fabulous on a budget!

The Power Of A Scarf!

I tend to wear scarves (and hats) like a manic, lol… one reason is I just have a natural affinity for covering my hair and keeping my style fashionable but simple and another reason is they are easy ways to add a pop of color. Almost any outfit can be repurposed when you add the right accessory.  When it comes to scarves, I have light and airy ones for warmer months and heavier ones for colder months.  Sometimes I wear my scarves as a head wrap, sometimes I wear them as a belt, sometimes I wear them around my neck just to add color and on occasion I use them as shawls or a coverup. The power of a good scarf can be quite impressive and a great addition to any closet.

Check out a few ways I’ve worn my purple scarf

Budget Worthy Style: How To Repurpose and Then Resurface with method!
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Check out this awesome video with 25 ways to wear a scarf

Saving money with method laundry detergent!

Budget Worthy Style: How To Repurpose and Then Resurface with method!
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When it comes to thinking about ways to save money on your clothes, I bet your detergent doesn’t even come to mind? What you use to wash your clothes can either break down the material and lower the longevity or a piece or fade your colors quickly. When it comes to method laundry detergent there are many ways you can save your clothes and save in your budget.

1. method has a NEW4x concentrated laundry detergent, that means you’ll pay less for more cleaning power.

2. method keeps your colors bright + your whites white, so that means longer wear for your clothes and less money spent on buying that fave tank again.

3. method works great with cold water, which means you’ll be saving more energy with each load and that also = less money spent on your power bill! WIN/WIN

Because of my love for my clothes and my scarves, it’s important to me that when I wash my faves they’re available in the brightest, cleanest and best smelling way possible. I can get all of that with method! Since we are discussing awesome ways to save, we’re also giving you a chance to SAVE $3 when you try out method today!

 use the code THREEFORME for $3 off your online purchase


method has also partnered with ASOS to bring you more style and laundry conscious material! Be sure to check out the ASOS hub and also enter for a chance to win big!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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