Finally Got LASIK: Check Out My LASIK Procedure Video #JoffeLASIK

It’s been such a pleasure going through this journey with all of you.  I can tell that we’ve all experienced the same questions about how LASIK works and what the procedure entails. That’s why it was important to document my process and share it with you all from 5 Reasons I Wanted LASIK to my Initial LASIK Pre-Screening and now how my actual procedure went.

Da Vinci after LASIK surgery
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Da Vinci after LASIK surgery

When I started out I had 20/400 vision, which means I was only able to see the BIG E on the vision chart… without my glasses, basically I was blind lol.  When I did my pre-screening the doctors told me the aim was to achieve at least 20/20 vision, which is “perfect vision”. However, I had learned that you can possibly achieve 20/15 vision or even 20/10 vision, those are more than perfect… amazing right?  So my personal aim was to go for at least 20/15.  Like many of you I wondered what complications may happen before, but once I had my prescreen and asked the doctors questions I felt completely relaxed coming in for my procedure.

They say it can take about 2 hours but honestly most of that is prep time.  When I came in I took a muscle relaxer and then they put numbing eye drops in my eyes and then I just sat in a massage chair until they were ready to begin.  Next up I went into the op room and the doctor checked my eyes again to make sure everything was ready to go and then I headed over to the table and to lay down… while in the background we listened to Taylor Swift LOL.  I can honestly say the most uncomfortable part is when they use this eye clamp to widen your eye but you can’t feel the actual laser. In fact the only reason I knew something was truly happening was from the scent, it smelled a bit like when you’re burning hair off chicken LOL.  Both eyes took between 20-30 minutes tops.  I was amazed by how fast it all went.  Once I was done we took a picture together and I was ready go on my merry way, I could immediately see further when I stepped outside however because of sensitivity to my eyes I had to wear protective sunglasses.

Check Out My LASIK Procedure!

My total healing time is 3 months, I know a lot of people asked that. But honestly the toughest part of the healing is the first 7 days. During that time I used Artificial Tears every hour as well as antibiotic drops and steroid eye drops.  In 2 weeks I’ll let you know how my post op experience went and share some tips from the doctor! In the mean time we’re still giving one lucky reader the chance to win FREE LASIK!

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Now That You’ve Seen My Procedure

What Are Some Questions You Have About LASIK?

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