Hate Running? Why not Try Cycling to Stay Fit and Lose Weight This Summer

Summer is soon to be here and I will finally be able to spare some time for myself and do the things I love. A few years ago I was preoccupied with my job and some family problems and therefore had no time to spare for keeping myself fit. That is when I gained some extra weight. I decided that I had enough of it and that I will pay more attention on my fitness.

Hate Running? Why not Try Cycling to Stay Fit and Lose Weight This Summer
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I tried to look up online and find some interesting ways to lose weight and stay fit. I hate running and I’m not much of a gym person so I had to find something more adventurous and something that will keep me happy and interested. I read few articles on cycling and decided to give it a try. Now, I cannot wait to find some spare time and go cycling. I completely fell in love with this hobby and managed to stay fitter than I ever was.

This summer I am going to cycle more than ever and you should definitely think about it too, especially if you are keen on losing some weight.

Hate Running? Why not Try Cycling to Stay Fit and Lose Weight This Summer
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Cycle to lose weight

I’ve lost much weight since I started cycling. Of course, I did not know much about cycling and staying fit when I was starting so I had to use the tips I found online. I found out that your diet plays an important role in the process of losing weight, even if you cycle every day. Since I usually go cycling after the breakfast, I find it necessary to eat some healthy food for breakfast.

The right food gives me much energy before a ride. It is also important to cut on any fattening food, such as fast food or sweets. Make a plan for your diet and try to eat as much healthy food as you can. Start riding at the pace you feel comfortable at but keep increasing it as the time passes in order to gain better results. Riding at a higher pace does make you lose weight faster, but there is also no point in overdoing it as well.

I started riding at the pace I enjoyed and increased it only when I felt I could handle it. Once you find the optimal pace, keep riding at it, but with inserting 2-3 minutes of riding at the highest possible pace. Doing this a couple of times during the ride can really help you in losing weight. Another important thing is to make a structure for your riding.

I make monthly plans and check the results constantly. Keep in mind that not all of the result can be noticed by measuring your weight as muscles weigh more than fat. So, see if you can notice any changes by looking in the mirror. It is also important to get yourself enough sleep. If you cycle regularly, but do not give yourself enough time to sleep, you can easily mistake the fatigue for hunger and catch yourself eating sweets or some other unhealthy food.

Hate Running? Why not Try Cycling to Stay Fit and Lose Weight This Summer
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Bicycle touring

Last summer I went on a bicycle tour with my brother. I could not be apart from my family for a very long time, so we decided to go for a weekend tour to Mount Canobolas Area. Not only that it was quite a good workout, but it was also very interesting and I found it very enjoyable. We packed only healthy food and the whole weekend seemed as a bit longer training session.

Be sure to try touring like this, but remember to have all the necessary bike accessories before you engage any longer trips. We found an extra water bottles and speed sensors quite useful and some of our friends used sports camera to record riding during the whole trip. Be sure to try something like this as it can have a big impact on your weight and overall health.

Becoming an active cyclist will definitely improve your life. Not only that you will lose weight, but you will also have the opportunity to get closer to nature and make new friends. Follow my example and turn from a real couch potato into a real sports enthusiast. Not to mention that I lost all of my belly fat and turned into quite an athlete.

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