Minor Lifestyle Changes Your Teeth Will Love You For

You may not know this yet, but if you lose one or more of your teeth, you’ll see just how important every tooth is. This is why you must do everything to keep them healthy.

You wouldn’t want to have to keep taking oatmeal all day just because you can’t chew anything else, would you? So, for the sake of your teeth and the ability to eat those delicacies that you love so much for a very long time, you should adopt the following minor — and not so minor — lifestyle changes.

Minor Lifestyle Changes Your Teeth Will Love You For
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Flossing after Meals

Flossing is an important part of dental care. This is because it works to prevent the buildup of plaque in between the teeth.

Frequent daily flossing is the key to fighting gingivitis and gum disease or inflammation. And whenever possible, brush afterwards — this helps get rid of any extra “leftovers” from earlier in the day.

Brushing Twice a Day

Dentists often recommend that you brush twice a day, and for good reasons. One of them is to ensure that you have little or no plaque or food particles decaying in your mouth and causing bad breath.

Consistently brushing your teeth will not only promote excellent oral health, but will keep your breath fresh and your health impeccable. So, after a hectic day, brush.

In the morning, after hours of not opening your mouth, you’re likely to have some bacterial activity — it’s the reason behind what is known as morning breath. Brushing your tongue as well as your teeth, and in particular after dark or thick beverages, also helps keep halitosis at bay.

Less Junk Food and More Fruits and Veggies

Make subtle lifestyle changes regarding your foods. Junks and sugary drinks are bad for your health and partly responsible for diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke.

But, they are also bad for your gums and teeth as they provide an acidic environment in your mouth. As a result, your teeth are more predisposed to gum disease, gingivitis, and halitosis, to mention a few. Instead, eat more fruits, vegetables and drink more water.

No Tobacco

Quitting smoking or tobacco chewing can be difficult as nicotine withdrawal can be severe. But smoking and chewing tobacco are some of the best ways to discolor your teeth.

Over time, these items cause both the yellowing and darkening of your teeth. To avoid this and keep your pearly whites, you may want to stop smoking and chewing tobacco.

Visit the Dentist at least Twice a Year

Nothing is better than having your teeth checked out at least twice a year. A dental appointment once every six months will help identify possible tooth problems, help stave off certain oral infections and can generally help as a preventive measure aimed at keeping your teeth healthy. If you want to have your teeth bleached, visiting your dentist is still the best way to do it, in spite of the over-the-counter whitening methods currently available. Even if you’re looking at such methods, consult your dentist first. They can let you know what would be best for your situation, and how best to use it. If you know it’s been a while, schedule an appointment with Premier Smile Center— your teeth will thank you for it.

Use Your Teeth for Foods Only

Is there anything else one can use their teeth for? You bet. Lots of people crack nuts, remove bottle tops and tear packaging using their teeth. You teeth aren’t meant for this.

Yes, we know it’s faster when you can’t find an opener, nutcracker or knife. But is the loss of a tooth worth the extra 2-3 minutes you could have spent finding one? We think not. So, use your teeth for just food items and nothing else.

Oscar King is a freelance writer and family man who offers insights and advice into the challenges faced by parents and families, as well as the trials of being self-employed in an ever-changing world.

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