3 Steps To Choosing The Right Website Address For Your Business or Brand!

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When it comes to building your business or brand it’s important to make a great impression with customers, readers, etc. One great way to do that is with your website.  With the increased dependency of the internet, it’s almost unheard of for a business not to have a website… and if you don’t have one the time is NOW to get started. With that said, there are 3 important steps to choosing the right website address or url for your growing brand. And after 30 years of Internet, you now have access to an amazing new world of choices for naming your site on the Internet. In 2013 a rollout of hundreds of new domain endings became available for use.  This allows you to craft your website domain to a tee.  So if you’re a florist you can get something like MyCoolBusiness.Florist.  How awesome is that?  I personally know what it’s like to search for the perfect .com only to find it’s not available, but this new world of domains from Name.Kitchen opens a ton of possibilities and allows for you to show off your brand with that extra kick of personality!

So what are somethings to think about when choosing your domain name, or web address? Check out this quick list below.

1. Consider A Name That Is Brandable:

When choosing a name for your business and site, it’s important to choose something that you can trademark and use to elevate your branding in different ways. Think merchandising, logos, and different ways your business may be represented.  So if you choose something like “HowToWriteABookWithPencils.com” that’s not as brand able as “HowToWrite.Guru” or “WriteaBook.Coach”.

3 Steps To Choosing The Right Website Address For Your Business or Brand!
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2. Choose A Name That Is Easy To Remember:

It may sound like an easy step to consider but sometimes we love an idea and don’t think about how it may be received by others.  My first blog url was davincisbloglog.com… we later had to rebrand to dvbl.com because it was hard to remember, hard to spell and just not catchy overall. One example I loved is donuts.domains, they’re all about helping business chefs get cooking with great business/branding names.

3. Think About Social Media Tags You Will Be Able To Use:

Last but not least, this is one I’ve seen even major brands struggle with.  When selecting your business name and website address make sure it’s something you can get the same Facebook page, Twitter @, Instagram @, etc for.  It will make your job easier when promoting and it also makes it easier for fans, followers of customers to find you.  At the end of the day your business or brand should have a cohesive presence on the internet.

Now that you have those steps in mind, it’s time to grab a domain name that’s sure to put your business on the map in a fun and exciting way!  If you’re a makeup artist you could go with yourname.makeup, if you’re a chef you could do yourname.chef, and so on.  At the end of the day the sky is the limit!

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