New Neighborhood: How to Help Your Family Adjust to a New Place

Adjusting to a new neighborhood will take some time for your family, especially if you have small kids. Moving to an unfamiliar area tends to be a bit disorienting for everyone. Not only will your family have to get used to all the different street names, but all their favorite stores and usual hang-outs. Fortunately, there are ways to help your family get used to the neighborhood to which they have moved and help forward the adjustment period. Here are a few tips to help you with this process.

How to Help Your Family Adjust to a New Place
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Exploring the Neighborhood
One of the quickest ways to become familiar with a new neighborhood is to explore the new neighborhood. Whether you get in the car to drive around, or just walk the streets, getting out and learning how the neighborhood is laid out is all part of becoming familiar with it. Take the stroller out or have the kids grab their scooters and help them find the closest parks and playgrounds. You might be able to make some new acquaintances and playdates here. Taking note of significant landmarks is important for helping others find your home too, and is a great exercise which the entire family can participate in when you ask kids where their new house is and what’s nearby.

Introduce Your Family to the Neighbors
If you want to find out more about your new neighborhood, one of the best ways is to get out and meet your neighbors. As your family gets to know some of the people nearby, it will start to feel more familiar and not so isolating to them in the new place. You never know what great information a neighbor will be able to share with you as well. When you have kids, meeting some of the other families may help them get to know other kids and friends in the neighborhood as well. Make sure you keep an open door and perhaps even invite some close neighbors over for a housewarming. If you have toddlers set up a playdate with other families and see if they can show you where the best parks and kids areas are.

Install a Security System
If you move to a new neighborhood, it is always a good idea to install a security system in your new home during the move. A lot of families may not feel as safe when they first move in. A Northstar alarm review says a security system will also help you navigate any unforeseen accidents like fires or floods. You can get to know what the area is known for and how to avoid these disasters. It is generally easier to settle in to a new neighborhood when you feel safe inside your own home. For young families, getting a door alarm might be just what you need. It can chime anywhere in the house to let you know which door is being opened and help you know where the kids are at all times.

Invite Your Friends Over

How to Help Your Family Adjust to a New Place
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For a lot of families, moving to a new neighborhood means they have not moved too far from where they used to live. In such a case, there is nothing wrong with inviting familiar friends over to hang out in your new home. If your kids are really missing their friends and classmates, have them over a few times and perhaps try and introduce new friends into the mix. Make your new place feel just as inviting and familiar by bringing in your friends and loved ones. This will help to make the adjustment period seem less of a process to your family. And your friends are probably dying to see your new pad anyway, so don’t hesitate giving them the first glimpse.

Get a Dog

How to Help Your Family Adjust to a New Place
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For families with kids, a pet dog is a great way to help the family adjust to its new home. While your kids take the dog and play outside, the neighborhood will start to grow on them. If you are particularly shy, a dog in a new neighborhood will sometimes help to break the ice with your neighbors. Just be sure to not let your dog use your neighbor’s lawn for their personal relief. Most neighbors will appreciate a responsible dog owner more when they are prepared for the responsibility. And be sure your kids are ready for the responsibility of taking care of their own pet.

Moving to a new neighborhood can sometimes be rough on a family. As time progresses, things that were new will start to feel more familiar and normal. By being active in your neighborhood, you will find that the adjustment period will actually go by rather quickly. Before you know it, your family will have settled in and will feel perfectly at home in their new place.

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